Please explain this ridiculous matchmaking

If you think like that, then you’ll never use boosts. The useless of today can become the OP of tomorrow and vice versa. It wouldn’t surprise me if they buff Indo again in the future.

I’m considering arena dropping on my main account because playing the same bosted dinos against the same boosted dinos has gotten monotonous. Every battle is like deja vu.

On my 2nd account I have like 40 different dinos to choose from level 14-16 to make teams with. I change out dinos almost daily. It’s more fun. I get a bot after 2 losses so i can get incubators. I do play against more variety in this range. Others are getting their first legendarys or new hybrids they are trying. Im getting past some of the alliance rewards except sino and hitting the bottom of boosted teams.

Mid level is where it is. You get up in the 20’s and its the same same same.

I’ll use them when there’s something to gain from it and it outweighs the risk. Atm there’s only not particularly coveted pyro DNA in some distant future.

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It’s Gorgo… I’m positive. Gorgo is so op lol

I already wrote many messages to Ludia to report such painfull and ridiculous matchmaking. Since 1.8, I fell.down from 5250 to 4950 trophies while facing monster teams I never met before. My highest dino is lvl 27, and the half of my team is 23/24. Yesterday I lost 28 trophies against a full lvl 30 teams XD. 8 dinos at lvl 30… for sure, the new matchmaking is setted to encourage fair battles…

my question was never answered from @Ludia_Developers

how, in the name of god, is selected the 4-team? some people said it “may be” random.

i think it can be matchmaking defined.

when i see my weaker dinos in team i predict face a weaker opponent. when i see my 4 best, i predict a hard battle.

when im gonna have an official answer?

because its WAY important. its a waste if matchmaker does all that math to balance players and random select 4 battle team from their 8 dinos.

just because you dont have 8 same dinos. you always have some better than others. what if a “random” makes you face opponents best 4 with your worse 4?


anyway… take a look:

If I’m going to get my ass handed to me battle after battle, I’m going to do it on my terms. Putting in all my lowest level creatures.

Ludia, what the hell have you done to matchmaking? It is absolute garbage.

I’m nowhere near your level but have caught myself yelling at my phone. My highest-rated creatures are a level 21 Tarbosaur and level 20 I-Rex, Allosaur, and Miragaia; the other 4 current team members are all 17 or 18, most of my creatures have some minor boosts but nothing really special. That said, I keep getting “matched” against opponents with entire teams at levels 21-25, the result being that I’ve jumped between Lockdown and the Sorna Marshes so often I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

Agree with most comments here.
Matchmaking is an absolute garbage when your opponents are about 1k trophies higher…


So… put in four level 11 epics, and four of your best.
If your theory is correct, it should never mix and match the two.

Matchmaking for me is now squarely in the idiotic sphere. It’s so ridiculous and frustrating that I started to put time into Wizards Unite. I’m so sick of fighting Thor that is 2-6 levels above my team and having him sweep me, having him boosted beyond reason just adds to the frustration and ridiculousness that is now the arena.

Add to my frustration is the inability to get good dna, the stupid amount of daily missions and yet more stupid daily chores with the sanctuaries. Does Ludia think that we have nothing to do than play this game all hours of the day to get all the daily achievements or hunt for impossible to find dna?? When the fun ends it’s time to move on.


but isnt scored? first matchmaker calculate trophies and team score (with 4 commons and 4 uniques or whatever), then after matched players do some balance with dinos to fine tune match.

maybe a match system could select my top score unique dino with 3 epics, and the lowest 4 for opponents, and keep in score range.

or other system. the fact is we dont have an official answer, only suppositions.

look at opponents team i posted. the battle was balanced (weird dinos but balanced). i spent 2 and half dinos to defeat that utasino, but my last finished other 2 commons. if system selected that tryko and draco i would lost miserably.

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it seems matchmaker has multipliers for rarity, boost and level. but they didn’t tell us whats the math.

i doubt they use some tier multiplier like tyrant, apex… unique is X points, no matter if tryko, thor, pterovexus or stydiraryx. and we know battle results will be different.

and we all know from before boost rollback update: speed boost thor is different than speed boost erlidominus. but matchmaker maybe calc the same points. who knows…

highest level dino on your team determines the matchmaking, not the whole team in general
proof: took out my highest level dino level 25 erlidom and replaced it with spinonyx lvl 19, and that changed my matchmaking a lot. then kept erlidom lvl 25 bt took out lvl 23 tryko for that lvl 19 spinonyx and that raised the levels/boosts. even faced 2 or 3 143 thors at level 26+

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in this case, that lvl 30 utasino i posted should have matched with top level players.

unless limited first to trophy range. :thinking:

but i was 4740 and the player 5200+ :scream:

So tomorrow if I get the daily incubator as a mission on my 2nd account I plan to play this.

This is the same as what the person did with level 1 counter balance to play a lesser team.

I want a team of all long necks and in order to play them now, I have to put my level 20 Argent on but I counter balance it out with a level 10 Apato to keep my team average at just about exactly 15. Now if my argento gets picked, that should give me an edge to win that particular battle than any of the others. If Apato gets picked, I just won’t use it. I’ll use the other 3, which ever they are.


This isn’t the extreme as above post but doing things like this can give me a better edge half the time and get me more incubators faster.

The down side of doing something like this all the time is trophy’s go up and I face stronger teams and the win/loose ratio will at some point get back to the 50/50.

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You were at 5250 with a 23/24 team 27 high.
This is a correction.
You have got to know this.


Things are better for me now… though I had to face a freaking Thor 30 yesterday, most matches are against players around my level. I’m happy the ranks are starting to go back to how they were, just wish they had given us a heads up that they would do that so I wouldn’t be so mad for losing 40 trophies to stronger teams.

Wow u ppl have no idea how bad it is at the end of 1.6 I was at 5.3k I’m now 4.4k just dropped arena today games crap now all my Dinos are boosted 5-5-5 iv not had full 4 incubators for about a week.
The end is coming for me very soon Iv been vip since the beta only thing that I use to win was lucky dodges but that don’t happen no more.

and here comes another weekend.

EVERY weekend matchmaker give me a joke. today i lost every battle to get my daily boosts. my efforts were all to trying finish 1 or 2 dinos to count for daily incubator. winning was impossible.

teams with lvl 28 to 30 monsters.

i checked their profile after battles, all below me in trophies (i was 4700+ they were 4200 and some like).

i don’t know why a player with such a monster team is low lockwood, but…
matchmaker choosen me to help these high level guys to climb up, stolen my trophies to take them to where they belong. like did almost every saturday/sunday.

it’s better for me avoid battling at weekend. seems 1 billion people are battlling, and matchmaker is hungry to help them climb up, using poor guys like me that spent all week climbing slowly…


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