Please explain this ridiculous matchmaking

We don’t know, it’s possible they found a bug in 1.7 matchmaking that caused you to get matches to go to 5300 and people with top500 teams to get matches to bring them down to lockwood. Fixing a math bug in matchmaking will have a period where things need to level out, and its going to be painful for some who are above where their team should be, and easy for those who were beat down because of it.

The lowest Dino doesn’t do anything for your “team score” the entire term “teamscore” is utter nonsense. All they look at is the highest level, highest rarity and maybe hit rate but I doubt that. So this means instead of putting in your highest& strongest creatures you should put in your weakest and then boost them to oblivious hights. That’s what’s been working for als those dopes ruling the leaderboard now… just faced this in two separate battles. Highest level is a 22 suchotator (tier 3) the rest is all epic or legendary (level 19-21 tier 5-4) had to pull my only unique because it’s level 21 icw it’s rarity gave me nothing but fully boosted level 22-23 uniques. It sucks! BIG TIME … but as we all know now… there’s nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING they’re gonna so about that. Except… maybe… add some more fluffy, petting & grooming stuff to keep the softer hearted people all happy and content… image image


Yeah, I was starting to notice that… But boost are taken into account too.

This used to be the case for me, now I’m getting like l22-23 teams legendary mostly and it’s an absolute slaughter. I may lose a dino, but that’s it… I’d feel bad but I was one of the ones who was busted down before because I built a strong team. So… Until I get back to where I was, wheeee! Because you can’t spell slaughter without laughter…


No they’re not. If that was the case I wouldn’t be facing level 23-24 uniques boosted tier 3-4 with only one unique level 21 boosted level 2

Wow, you must have dropped way down… I know I didn’t belong up there (according to the old matchmaking), but I still usually put up a fight against any team, except those of superboosted rat lovers.

okay… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve faced non-boosted (or just less boosted) level 29-30 teams. How would that be possible if matchmaking didn’t consider my boosts? And I won many of those matches because my beasts were faster depite the level disdvantage

Yeah, my team:

I was pushed into Lockwood a couple of times because I would only fight full l30 with what must have been every boost purchasable applied, so… As long as match making levels out and isn’t exploitable, I’m okay with it. Its not fun to just slaughter everything (well, maybe a little at first but). Currently looking to see what changes I will make.

a really simple equation for matchmaking:

my team

plus opponent

plus opponents thor

result: drops - 28 trophies

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I suspect once we can see trophies, we will find the people you’re getting matched up against are close to you. Turns out the trophy count was the most fair matchmaking available, they didn’t have to scrap it, just stop ways it could be abused.

I pulled the trigger and leveled mine an hour ago.
So far so good.

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It’s ridiculous Ludia doesn’t want to address the mess they made in this game. All boosts MUST be nerfed to MAX 10% or ideally removed!!! Today I faced level 30 dinos and over boosted.

Stegodeus lvl 30: 9000 HP & 1800+ Attack
Tryo lvl 30: 7500HP, 2400+ Attack & 150 Speed
Tryko lvl30: 8500HP, 2700+ Attack
Dracocera lvl30: 6000HP, 2400+ Attack

This game is really unplayable now.


I feel your pain, I dropped 500 trophies because of it. :frowning:


I dropped about 250 today. This game doesn’t have any future if they let people to create those monsters. Ludia is really incompetent by adding such a damaging feature to their game.

New players will never be able to climb to the top.


Its not just new players. Most of us won’t be able to really boost these new hybrids for a while now and add them to our team because you can’t just add a freshly created hybrid anymore without it being destroyed.


Agreed. Ludia seems to think they can distract us by adding sparkly & shimmery new things to the game people will move on and accept boosts or the rat. There won’t be any reason to unlock and level up new hybrids as they won’t be usable against all those over boosted things.


My first match this morning was against a boosted level 24 Erlidom. I say that because it one-shot all three of my dinos and I have no idea what else this opponent had on their team.

The HIGHEST dino on my team is a level 21 DC… and that one wasn’t even chosen for this battle.
I got to take on the Erlidom with a level 18 Suchotator, Level 19 Purutaurus, Level 18 Diloranosaurus, and a level 20 Indominus Rex. That’s an team average of 18.75 against a boosted Level 24 unique. None of my dinosaurs is boosted beyond Tier 3.

In my second match, I had the same team, but with my Level 18 Tryostronix instead of the Dilo. I faced a boosted level 23 T-Rex which was faster than my Puru. After one chomp, they swapped in their boosted level 22 DC and took me out. They healed and swapped out for a boosted level 22 Indom. I got unlucky with the dodge/evade and I did minimal damage to it before it killed me. It weakened my next dino and they swapped in DC again to hand me my second 0-3 loss.

I started getting a bit grumpy heading into my third match when I saw that my level 17 Paramoloch was matched up against a boosted level 19 Paramoloch, but figured I would do my best, as I actually had the speed advantage. We traded shield shots, and because I went first, I was ahead. My next stun didn’t land. His did. (Oh well… RNG). During the rest of the battle, I also tried to land a stun from my Diloranosaurus and my Utasinoraptor. Neither one worked. Their Paramoloch landed a total of 4 stuns on me (every stun landed) before I finally managed to kill it with a last gasp on my Uta. They swapped in their DC and finished me. (to this point, my DC was left in the stable for all three matches.

I wound up losing my first FIVE matches this morning to overpowered teams. I won the sixth one only because I got lucky with a crit on their boosted level 21 DC from my Tryostronix, and was able to kill off the rest of them with that dino and my Utasino.

I can’t say that the matchmaking is working very well at this point. We are three days in and I would have expected that most of these players who were artificially lowered would have already worked their way up to 3700+ by now. My first three opponents this morning were 3608, 3547, and 3484. I’ve never been over 3517 on the leaderboard and I was at 3321 when I started the day. I’m down near 3200 now.

Fluke? …or is this the new meta?

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How many trophies did they have? During 1.7 teams like that fell really far due to the OTHER algorithm and trophies didn’t matter really at all. I think now that trophies comeback into play (I think) these lvl 28-30 teams are making there way back up through the 24-27 teams that benefited greatly from the last algorithm tweak. If this is the case it will balance out. In the last patch I was facing teams 1200 trophies higher thank me and taking loss after loss. one member of my alliance with all lvl 24 unique team gained 600 trophies and I lost 800 after the release of 1.7. My team would have crushed his but we would never be matched (even if we were in the same alliance) in the old system.

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Why (and there was a level 25 boosted Thor before this - none of my team members exceed lv 21).