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Please explain trophies to me

I play a bot and get a message that I will get fewer trophies for a win. My 4 level 13 heroes beat the 4 level 12 bots and I get 29 trophies. Fine. I play what I think is a person with 4 level 13s right after, clean sweep win and get 22 trophies. Huh? Also, I am aware of bias, but I seem to have a win rate between 30 and 40% (its been days since I won 2 in a row before today, but losing two pr more in a row was common). Can someone explain this to me? It is super frustrating to have trophy average go up while losing more than winning. Also, it is annoying that losses mean minus 17 trophies or some other minor amount while wins give 30 plus. Is this intentional?

What? No one? No players, mods or devs? So I am to assume it is unexplainable…

There is a random element to how many trophies you get. You would get ‘less’ on average against the bot, but a 1 to 1 comparison of 2 fights might be more for the bot.

It depends on how many trophies your opponent has. If you have significantly more than them, you’ll gain 10 if you win and lose 50 if you lose. Vice versa if you have significantly less trophies than your opponent. I think the number you gain from defeating somebody with the same number as you is 30, though I could be wrong, and I have no idea about trophies concerning bots, I don’t really keep track of that.

Edit: adding a link to a post that describes it better.

There are also upper limits to what you can get from a bot win. If I’m remembering correctly at 3,500 trophies, a bot win only max gives you 10 trophies. At 4,000, a bot win only gives you 5 wins. I generally am not in the lower levels all that much beyond season resets, so don’t quite remember below those levels.

Between 3000 and 3499 it’s 15 throphies/win.
Between 2500 and 2999 it’s 20 throphies/win.

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Also of note, when a Battle Mode player is matched against an event player, the trophy counts used in calculating trophy adjustment differs. The Battle Mode player’s ‘current’ Trophy Count is matched against the Event player’s ‘highest’ trophy count. This explains the odd match-ups and trophy adjustments occur shortly after each seasonal reset.


Hmm… thanks for the replies. It gives me something to mull over.