Please explain what invincibility is


I really want to know Ludia! Does it mean perhaps you are invincible? Please define invincibility and explain to me how a lower level dinosaur can kill you when you are invincible! Last time I checked invincibility means YOU CANT BE HURT! If A move is RNG it should state it!


It only means a 100% shield.
And if your opponent got nullifying or defense-shattering, they could easily break that shield.


“Invincibility” means you will not take damage for the duration of the ability.
You are still susceptible to status effects (stun, slow, etc) but will not take damage.
Invincibility can be removed/negated by opponents who can remove positive status effects from your dinosaur with abilities like “Nullifying Strike.”


Well it doesn’t say that! It says become invincible for 2 moves!


I was taken down by a trex and don’t tell me that my dinosaur can be defeated by a trex because he has none of those moves


What dino of your team was?


I fully understand that I can be stunned I expect that! But killing me with one move should not happen


T-rex does had that move. It got 2 move with defense-shattering effect.
These break shield / remove buff skill got their description on their own.
You couldn’t only check your own dino’s description.


Tragodistist was the one


Than I will say this again! It is not invincible in that move it should say 100 % shield not invincible than I would not use it against a Rex period!

Please read the definition that I posted

Sorry folks but this aggravates me just like when indominus cloak says invisible and it gets taken out

At least in the move set it states 50 % chance


I think they need to explain better, because the description isn’t usefull

I think it is something like Euplocefalo’s “vulnerability”

So using vulnerability you will do more damage, invincibility maybe means that you got less damage… The problem is that it is not well explained what this concretely do… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


T-Rex has two moves which destroy shields.
Invincibility is a shield. So T-rex bites right through it.


Than it is useless garbage and that dinosaur is now off my team because it is a false misleading defense! Other dinosaurs say you get a shield!


So what it is is your invincible but perhaps your not invincible! In reality you have a chance of being invincible!


I mean, the text for “Instant Invicibility” says: “Act First. Shield 100% for 1 Turn.”

So I’m not sure what’s misleading about that.


Umm…what? Did you said Tragodistis is a garbage?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s even one of the best tank dinos in this version. I used it to counter down a I-rex, without any hurt.
That must thanks to the useless invisibility you said.

Well, Tragodistis got a ugly face though.:thinking:


That is not what the tragodists says! Read above what the move set says! Nothing about 100% shield! Just invincible! You are comparing apples to oranges!


Post a screenshot from the game, I don’t have that dino to look at…


It worked for me also but 50% of the time Tarbo I think you will feel different when you’re match is 2 to 2 and you pull it out when you’re opponent has 500 health left and you know it is a strong hitter and bang you lose because invincible fails!

Btw the dinosaur isn’t garbage the move is! Because you are expecting one thing and getting something else