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Please explain why there are useless legendaries

I’m not envious, ive spent thousands on games, so quite the opposite, fortunately though, this game has provided all the resources required to be very competitive by simply playing it.

But to say you don’t spend other than VIP to illustrate your point, is silly.

Right, but you are giving advice to players who can’t farm 4500 in 2 days, so your methods would not be in their best interests

You know what is silly? Your maths skills…
Here below your statement

Please explain me…how? From Lightfinger you need to roll a “17” 44.4 times to make 100k gold, but only 33.3 “16” to collect 4500 gems…again, dear @Khmer I use my brain and a precise management of time/resources instead of spending money.

I can’t understand whether you are serious or just a troll. I was explaining which is, in my opinion, the most effective way to obtain the Legendary you really need.

I know it’s not easy to farm 4500 gems, for the same reason is not easy to farm 2500 gems for an epic pack which will give you, if you are lucky, 1 legendary you need and 1 you don’t (plus some k golds). At the end of the day, with 9000 gems, I will buy 5 Legendary cards I really need.

And thanks to this strategy I reached my current gear level.

What you haven’t understood is that I’m suggesting a cheaper way to obtain what you need to help players to save their money.

If I was the big spender you think I am, I would have said nothing: I would have used my money to buy as many gems I needed to buy Legendary packs every Saturday and that’s it.

Instead, if you patiently farm the right gear in the right way, you can get all you want, even without VIP. One of my guildmates has 1 Mi gold and 30k gems and he has never spent a single dime (nor he uses any farm bot, of course). You stated you are among 1% of players who spent most time in this game…probably you have to work on your strategy.

I was wondering, you must be able to beat 20lvl bots, yes?

Of course, many times in a row, so what?
I haven’t never reset the gem to get Joppa (for all the 4 stages) and only once to get Jarlaxe (stage 2, 30 gems if I recall well) if this is what you mean.

On average I win 95% vs lvl 20 bots…so what?


This is my current situation. Do you think I’m a kind of crazy masochist who has spent hundreds of €€€ to buy gems to accumulate 500k ish gold? :joy::joy:

What it’s true is that I can buy the next 12 Legendary cards I want, whenever they will show in the store…it’s not a race.

There will be people who defends opposites sides of this coin. I particularly think it’s crazy to let go a wiz staff or a hunter bracer f/e because you don’t have 40k gold and refuses to buy gold with gems, as I also think it’s crazy to let go the same is they appear for 2k gems because once every 14 days you can get an extra chance of having 2 crappy random ones for 500 more gems. Time is the key here imho.

One side note: as I read, you don’t stop pulling legendaries which you maxed, so you can purchase several random packs and still get the crap you don’t want over and over…

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Exactly, I know players who have maxed legendary armors and continue to accumulate cards…

That’s why it is more effective to collect gems and trade them for gold. Unless you are a big spender and you don’t care and you can afford to buy legendary packs every Saturday.

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I tend to maintain a stockpile of both gems and gold. I believe this is why I often have two legendary items available in the store at the same time. one for 40,000 gold and one for 2,000 gems.


I have also, but I don’t recieve both gem and coin offerings.

I did twice or thrice.

@Khmer try this: delete the app cache (ONLY IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS LINKED EITHER TO GOOGLE OR FB, OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR PROGESS), unistall the app and then reinstall it.

It worked for me: once every two days I can sell 20ish epic cards for 10k golds and, most important, I see in the shop at least 2 legendary cards/day (sometimes 4/day), 95% of time for 40k gold.


WOW, thanks, you think that’s why no one is asking to join our guild :crazy_face:

My pleasure (not guaranteed it will work but it’s worth a try)

What do you mean?

Oh, the irony… :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Wow. Ok that was great. I read all that, it’s like I was in a room with you all!!! Lively debate. Not sure who is more crazy, you guy’s for spending all the time to have this conversation or me for reading it all. :smile:. I do prefer to spend my resources on what I know I can get, The Bracers (you all know the ones) came up in my store so I bought them for 40k. But I splurged and bought 2 Legendary packs aswell and got 1 more Bracers so now they are lvl 2 :grin:. I was playing long before you guys, and seeing how fast you have progressed, will be playing long after you are gone :sleepy:. Hopefully they push past lvl 20 in some way.


I used this thread to exercise my English :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Would be sarcasm, but infact in this case, I am curious, since guild wars started, say 4 months ago, no one has asked to join our guild, prior to, 10 a day.

Just curious as to what thoughts you all may have and if you’ve noticed this trend.(I realize most high guilds are near capacity, so possibly you’ve not experienced this)

We are 63k in 73rd with 26 members, double that, top 10. It doesn’t work out exactly that way, but you get my drift.

I am in a guild of 1. Was in Bromms guild before I took a break from game (uninstalled for almost 3 months). I only created guild to see if the new guild content was worth the time, seems too boring to me personally. Lots of guilds out there I like how you can see which guild now.