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Please explain


So i know indoraptor is not immune but it doesnt make sense to me that he can get slowed down or even confused (or dulled. Idk how to say it in english) if he dodges the attack which would inflict the negativ stat? In my oppinion if he dodges the attack he should also dodge the negativ stat.


That would be too powerful.

It’s a game so don’t worry too much about things like that.

If it dodges the damage but is still afflicted by the negative effect I think that is fair.


@ABluesfan talking about fair: the fact that my indoraptor got slowed down or stunned even though he dodged the attack cost me two games against lv30 bots. I wouldn’t complain if i were like below top 500 but atm i have slightly more than 3700 trophies and loosing a match results in a loss of more trophies than i earn for a win. I could accept that if it happens against other players but not against the bots which are hard enough to beat just due to their level advantage xD i mean you got a point when you say its just a game xD but i really put some effort in climbing the top 500 xD