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Please fix arena mode

The arena is SO UNBALANCED its absurd. You need to fix how this works. It’s super unfair and I’m TIRED of losing to people 600 power points BELOW me. I wish there was a way to turn this mode off. I don’t want to use it anymore and I’m tired of CONSTANTLY LOSING. Fix this PLEASE. I don’t care how much of a baby I’m being I bet others agree. I really don’t want to pay 10 dollars a month for a game that’s getting rigged to crap. I’m sick of it. Either add a way to turn arena mode off by removing your team entirely or change the PP distribution. I don’t find it fair that dragons at 1,500 are being esclated to 2,000+. It’s unfair. Please make it where the NORMAL amount of power is used rather than a huge buffed power that really wasn’t needed. I’d rather have people go up against my team at 5,087 than your rigged 5,299. :frowning:

Now, I get that it’s new. I get that it’s only been a couple days since it came out. I overall like the idea of it, but the way it was executed doesn’t make any sense. I’d love it if people could go against other’s dragons with the RIGHT amount of power points. For example- if my Toothless is 1046, I’d like people to go up against him at 1046, NOT at 1400. That’s just unbalanced and overall unfair.


I understand you’re frustrated. At the same time, you’re neither being forced to pay the 10 dollar sub to flight club, nor is Arena mandatory.

You don’t have to participate in either, and I encourage you not to put money in something you don’t believe in. Stop paying until you’re happy with the product you’re giving money to.

The team is working on a patch, but it might not be a magic fix-all. It might take a while for them to tweak things, if it ever turns into something everyone’s pleased with.

If you wish to continue playing in the Arena, I’d suggest focusing on your team and their abilities over their BP. Its seems those can be misleading, at best.


I know I don’t have to participate, but people can still attack me even if I don’t. That’s what I’m not happy about. I wish there was a way to turn it off, or as I said, neutralize the BP instead of buffing them to impossible rates. I pay for flight club because I really like the game. I just don’t like this aspect of it as it is now. Hopefully they learn from this and fix this whole buff thing. I get it may not be a magic fix all issue patch, but I’d like the major bugs to be fixed. Like losing trophies for no reason, or the buffed BP’s.

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Even if they attack you, you’re not actually losing anything of value if you’ve decided you’re no longer interested in playing in the Arena.

Whether or not they decide to change the buff aspect is up to them. They decided it was a good idea, for their own reasons. They may tweak it, but I’m not so certain they’ll outright get rid of it, since they made the decision to include it in the first place. So it’s not really a bug.

The BP isnt impossible either. That’s what the rerolls are for. You don’t have to fight every opponent, and if you feel you just cannot be a match to someone that meets your BP, reroll until you get an opponent 1000 beneath you, or work with your team’s abilities to figure out a stronger roster.

Is it an ideal scenario? No, not really. But there are options. Avenues you can take to work around these issues until the major problems are properly looked at and fixed.


Like mysterious said, the only thing you lose from attack is is trophies. If you don’t care about trophies, it doesn’t matter.

Here is the kicker. You still win medals defending. So even if you dont participate, you will still be able to buy in the arena store


So, I was initially annoyed about how ludicrously powerful the other dragons are. But after thinking about it logically I came to this conclusion. You’re playing 5 on 3. You have a 66% advantage. Or conversely the opponents are at a 40% disadvantage. It only makes sense that they’re 40% stronger.

Plus the opponent dragons have no skill or strategy. They don’t make good targeting decisions or save their abilities for the most opportune times. The power difference is more than fair.


Well, this is arguable. See when opponent has Shifty or Sawmaw they do damage to all five of your dragons but when you have Shifty or Sawmaw on your team they do damage only to 3 of the opponents dragons. So the percentage of advantage/disadvantage is arguable. I think what is the most frustrating for players is that they are being matched with teams that are much stronger than their own because of the buff. Basically the number showing the total power of defense team is not corresponding to the total power of the buffed dragons. That makes people frustrated because they cannot any longer rely on total number and need constantly look out for teams that are 1k below theirs. Basically it is demoralizing for people who worked hard to develop their dragons just to see that a team of 3 star dragons can totally destroy theirs.


That’s the way it’s always been, it’s just more apparent now with the Arena.

When you’re in your lower levels, you can get away with focusing purely on BP. But the higher you go, the more difficult the battles become, and the more you have to focus on strategy. That’s why the dragons have abilities at all.

You don’t have to constantly keep a look out for 1k BP below you. That’s just if you want an easier battle without having to concern yourself with strategy.

I get the frustration when you put so much time and effort into a team that looks good from a certain perspective. But I’ve also seen 3* teams that have been maxed, (outside of the arena) utilized in a way where they work harmoniously, and because of this, can take down teams from quests that are much higher in BP than them.

You can use this as an opportunity to rearrange your roster, put together different teams that work best together, or even just try out some of the newer, more recent dragons that have come out to see how they can fit into your team.

These are all valid points, and I understand where the irritation is coming from. But it’s not a no-win situation. There’s no impenetrable wall, merely a bit of a hill. A learning curve. It just takes some getting used to, and with further tweaks to the system (and of course bugs fixed) this will become much smoother for all.

And, as an aside, a team that has a Sawmaw and Shifty can do incredible damage even if they’re way below you in power. Again, it’s all about strategy. Work the board in your favor, don’t give them the fodder to ramp up their spirit, and take them out ASAP. They’re still very powerful dragons.


My personal experience says that I always win against teams with the same BP or lower if I avoid Sawmaws and Murkys. If it‘s a team higher in BP than me it‘s a bit gambling because it depends on the combination of enemy dragons - I already beat some teams 500 BP higher than me, carefully chosen opponents.
And there were people attacking me with teams 300 BP higher than my defending team who lost and some with 400 BP lower who won. It‘s all about strategy and a bit about not getting a bad board.

Edit: Of course one has to adjust the fighting strategy to Arena style, I got different teams for Arena, questing and Alpha and do slight to brutal changes on them depending on the opponent.


Can I just ask, do we see the opponents buffed stats when it picks our opponent, or the book of dragons stats for those opponents? If it is the latter that would explain a lot!

Hi, I attempted a regular repeatable quest, and instead of that, I got put into a glitched arena battle, where all of the dragons were in the top left corner, eventually i lost the battle and broke my streak even tho it was supposed to be a repeatable quest, please fix this.

You see the buffed stats at the matchup screen prior to battle.

Also when you set your defense. You can watch numbers change on your dragons when they go from roster to defense

Thanks. I thought you did. So it’s not a surprise what you are going to be facing when you battle. I’m not that good at strategy/tactics so have to pick my opponents carefully!

Well, the thing is why not to show real total power number of the buffed team and show total number of the team before buffing. You know 3 or 4 star if players knew that they were facing teams of 8k after blessing they would not be as much upset when loosing to that team? Why to mislead players with total defense numbers?

Tali’s ax says you do see the buffed stats… I’m going to try and add them up while playing to check…

No, you see buffed stats of the strongest 3 dragons of opponents. The total number on the right does not show the total strength of defense team. For example,

It shows 5282, when the total is 9327.


You are correct, inhaled assumed it showed as I was looking at my individual dragons change. What is weird is sometimes it is 3 or 4 or even 5 dragons adding up to this number.

I agree, it should show the entire teams defense number

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Pinging in here
I’ve noticed the fights are suddenly extremely unbalanced. I lost to a team with a power level of 3,500… my team is 5,000. They took my entire team out before I could even knock the first dragon out. Something weird is going on. I had no trouble the first few days and now it’s hard to beat even the simplest starting players.

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I have just been doing some adding up, my own team and some opponents and I have no idea what the number you see at match with opponent refers to. Or even in the stats you can go and see about previous opponents - the numbers don’t match with anything, unless it is the unbuffed stats. Perhaps @Marcus can let us know

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lose twice against a team with only 3 dragons and 2700 BP BELOW

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