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Please fix Cloak

I have been using Indom and Erlidom, each time I use Cloak a vast majority of the time it doesn’t help at all. The amount of times I have been 1 tapped by Thors and so on kinda just ruins the fact cloak is meant for our dino to take less damage.
With something having 75% chance to dodge it sure loves being in that 25%.
I feel like Cloak should have a higher chance to dodge the attack since you still take around 33% of the damage.
I can’t be the only one whose had this issue?

Also I know some attacks like Percise Pounce and such attacks go through. Yet still get hit by fierce impact and any other move.

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This isn’t my idea, but I think it’s (at least part of) the best solution for cloak: split the move into a separate dodge and damage buff. That way resilients can remove the dodge, but not the damage boost. And cunnings can remove the damage boost (to give the damage reducing class a more effective way to counter that ridiculous 3x damage on revenge cloak), but can’t hit through the dodge (unless they have precise).

Regarding dodge in general, I think “failed” dodges (including cloak) should still dodge some damage, just not as much. Like a dodge attack would have a 75% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage, and a 25% chance to dodge 33.4% of damage. But you would never dodge no damage. Theres plenty of moves that remove or bypass dodge, so making it more reliable in other cases might balance it out.


I was just thinking that today, resilient strike/impact/rampage should get rid of the dodge but not the damage increase… reading my mind lol


Those ideas are actually so damn good.

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This is actually why I would rather all dodging abilities have 100% chance to dodge x amount of damage. And, perhaps to give Evasive Stance a fair shake, where Cloak increases damage, and Sidestep and Cautious abilities increase speed, Evasive Stance could dodge more damage (like, say, at least 70-75%?).

Resilient, Nullifying, Precise, and Definite abilities should be the only abilities that should bypass, remove, or ignore Dodge entirely. Beyond that, there’s no reason why a Mortem or Thor should be able to off an Indoraptor, Erlidom, or any other dodging Cunning because of some bad RNG, there really isn’t.


Comparing dodge to shields, shields always block 50% of damage, while dodge is essentially a random shield - sometimes its better than a shield, sometimes it’s worse. Having a 100% chance to dodge X damage just makes dodge a better shield (assuming the % blocked is greater than 50%), so I’m not sure it should do that. It still wouldn’t be broken though :joy:

I also wouldn’t mind a dodge move that has 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage. If resilients can have instant Invincibility, why can’t cunnings have a dodge move that does the same thing? They would obviously need to balance it with a delay and cooldowns - we don’t want something like sidestep where you can just spam it on no cooldown, except this time to dodge 100% of damage.

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I can honestly say that the cloak of my Erlidom never seems to work vs Thor. After what seemed like endless failures I don’t even use it any more. I just use distracting impact and hope for the best.

Cloak became an absolutely pointless move with the introduction of resilient. Dioraja, Tryko, Maxi, Gemini, Tenontorex, Hadros, Cera will all render it worthless and Magna will nullify it.

It’s a shame the devs don’t consider the ramifications of such a destructive nerf that Erlidom suffered when they decided it could be slowed and have its best move rendered useless by all the top dinos.

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With all the resilient creatures running around, I don’t see why the evasive ability are not 100% chance to dodge. It would improve the cunning creatures and a couple of fierce/resilient/wild cards (marsupial lion, smilonemys, thylacotator) against fierce creatures.

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Agreed. Unfortunately, resilient creatures seem to have made dodgers/cloakers almost moot. But a lot of this seems to come from when Indominus was truly the dominant hybrid in the game and a lot of players felt that the original cloak/dodge mechanic was too strong when really it was probably fine.

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