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Please Fix Deathward Bug

The Deathward bug that glitches out the hero when they revive and disappear off the screen but are really still there just not targetable has been known for months and months. Wasn’t so bad when only a couple hero’s had deathwards to hand out. But now that there’s 4 and 2 heros that can constantly hand out deathward it’s really time that the Bug needs to get addressed. Losing turns cause I have to race the other person to restart app to clear the bug and be able to target the invisible hero is lame and can cost the win which in normal pvp isn’t a big deal just annoying. But in limited time events that loss costs you gems and time which could almost be viewed as the company choosing to not Fix the bug and scamming ppl out of gems when they lose to an invisible bugged out Toon…

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Hey Blazenkks, I’m sorry to hear that this issue is still present in the game. I believe our team is still actively looking into the issue to try and find a fix. However, I’ll bring this up with them again.

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Your own new mob glitches out deathward. The one on the Top left corner shot a double arrow attack at my Sheverith with low health with a Deathward granted by Pikel. Killed her with the First arrow, deathward animation got interrupted by the 2nd arrow and she disappeared. When it got back to her turn game is basically frozen cause it’s the glitched out disappeared Sheverith’s turn but I have no options for abilities. And since it’s the Forestfall event dungeon closing out the app to try and restart doesn’t work it just kicks you to the Home Screen with no way to continue… Fix Deathward Please. And or probably modify your new ranged mob to separate its attacks with a half a second longer or just end the attacks if they kill a deathwarded toon and allow the revive animation to happen like Saarvins does when he hits a deathwarded zombie in PvE.

Oh yeah, I just came on to the forums to mention this. Almost lost a nice streak due to this bug coupled with the “Login failed” bug after trying to restart my game. 2 for one broken things! Thank goodness for Pikel’s auto block and dominate.