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Please fix Dilophosaurus sound!

The dilophosaurus sound is that of a Velociraptor. The dilophosaurus already great sounds from the movie to use. You can search YouTube and even find the sounds. Just copy them and add them in the next update. The dilophosaurus already doesn’t get it’s due in any of the movies. Please fix this.


Currently, a lot of the dinosaur sounds are the same. I don’t believe it’s a bug that they are that way.

Could they maybe diversify sounds between dinosaurs? Sure, but that’s an embellishment that doesn’t affect gameplay. If it were to change I think that will be much later, after making sure that bugs are fixed, adding more dinos and tweaking their stats… etc.

I know the change seems simple and quick, but they can’t just take pre-existing sounds, either. Ludia might not have the rights to use them, and Universal might not still have them, or want to hand them out/have them be used. :frowning: And creating dinosaur sounds from scratch is not as simple as getting a dog’s bark or cat’s meow. There’s no real reference or recording to use, and they don’t have a library of pre-existing data all ready to use for each of these dinos.

tl;dr Could they add more sounds? Yes. Is it worth it? :man_shrugging: Will it happen? Maybe, but probably not any time in the near future.

@ZA_MAWNEE, good points. It’s odd that in JPB there were more differences in the sounds than in JWTG. Seems like the same limit is present in JWA. Granted, making them from nothing is difficult but if they were in JPB, why not use them again? Limited licensed usage to a single app, more work than worth to keep track of all the sound to creature connections, why bother, players will catch as many as they can regardless of sound, other?

So we now have a slew of new dinosaurs, many with their own sound effects.

Perhaps, especially with a new Dilophosaurus hybrid, it’s time to update the Dilo-line of dinos re: proper sound effects?

I’d love to hear the warble, chirps, and hisses of one of my favourite JP dinos as they fight things that sound appropriate to their species.

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Lol I’ve always thought the same thing about the Dilophosaurus. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this thought.

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I second this. Dilo is my favorite dino would love to hear it’s cute little coo nosies from the movies and when it’s frill comes out making the hissing rattling noise.

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It is a new year and over half a year since we had this suggestion brought up.

We have had an entirely new class of dinosaur (fliers) come out, each with new sounds as well.

Why do we not yet have the appropriate Dilophosaurus sound effects?

yes this is true. well while most dinos that share animations share sound effects as well, some dinos especially movie stars have their unique sounds. indoraptor has different sounds than purrolyth, t-rex has a different sound while allo and tarbo share the same voices and i-rex has a different sound than all other spinosaurids. so yeah, why cant dilo have its own sounds applied

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I remember Ludia saying something during the summer about it requiring a larger download if there were more sounds and/or different roars.

I’ve had a game contains gigabytes so perhaps my phone won’t be happy for having another one? Lol thanks for concerning then Ludia.

I think, if I remember right, that it was there concern that players might not want game files of that size in case it fills their storage space. Personally I’d be quite happy for that.

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Carno could also get diferent sounds they are on the last movie