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Please fix Eremotherium spawn rate

The sloth doesn’t seem to be spawning like a common should, or even a rare! I kept track of some of the creatures and in a 30 minute period of driving through neighborhoods this morning I saw:
10 Iguanadon
8 Lytrhonax
5 Edmontosaurus
4 Delta
2 Eremotherium (Sloth)

I counted only creatures within my shooting range and I had a mega scent running. One sloth was from the scent and the other was waiting for me when I came up on it.

I started when game time hit dawn and was in Local 3 the entire time, as evidenced by the Lythronax and Delta.

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1 only saw one sloth on the map in my life

I’ve never even seen one

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Same here, I have got none of regular creatures this update.

its a local 3 spawn. I’ve seen them quite regularly. 80% of the time when i turn on my game when i get a free few minutes at work.

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no doedicurus either? me too

I’m in local 3 and they don’t spawn much for me. Yes, I look for them at day.

Doedicurus is only in parks. I’m fortunate to have a large park within 15 minutes of my house, with lots of roads/parking lots to drive through.

If you are not in Zone 3 it will not appear, because it is a creature from that zone.

Idk I found like 50 today and it’s starting to get annoying