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Please fix for everyone you can't talk to skler or Jayden

Why is this a bug problem for everyone you have to fix it right away for everyone not good at all when you cannot talk to them need mantace for everyone who is having trouble with them to talk

:pensive::pensive::cry: Still can’t talk to skler or Jayden very upset some one fix this problem

Very frustrating for everyone please fix this for everyone so that we can all talk to them they come on and once you try to open it you can’t he just aphred not good at all if you can’t even open it to chat

Hi please get very frustrated with this game as you bring back some one else but why have you not shut it down to repair Jaden and skler for everyone still it’s upset that they keep asking to talk and you can’t with them it keeps going in the gray when they are on not good at all

Hi so again they come up and can’t answer to them yet but why are some beaing able to not good if everyone else is having trouble with it to like me what can you do to fix it please

Will someone please fix so I can answer skler back he popped up again saying hey and Jaden on my second account not working right can’t answer them please fix this been a problem since yesterday I’m not sure why but it’s a bug problem again fix it and for other as well

hey dear Ludia, please fix Skyler chat. we keep receiving notifications from him but when we open the app it says he is offline

Hi so I’m not sure what go on with the game at this point but I’m not the only one who can’t talk to skler or Jayden as they just again said hey all day long please fix this technical problem so that they can work properly again for me and everyone else as well thank you

Hi there Christie_Legresley! If they’re being shown completely greyed out or offline, it may take a while still for them to reappear. Feel free to email our support team at if you want them to look into this directly.

Hi, Skyler is offline but the app keeps sending ”Hey” from him. I still get a lot of notifications

So it seems that skler and Jayden are not fix yet how long are you going to be like this before they can continue the conversation with everyone it’s very frustrating when the last couple of days and again today they are on line saying hey so why is no one fix it it’s a bug problem this should be not happening we should be able to answer them when they come on say hey please fix this it’s not good at all we like to be able to answer them back but when you click on them it says off line in the gray and they are not working right I don’t think that they got completely opened up on Friday or this would not be a problem thank you I’m trying to be patient but it just doesn’t make sense why know one has shut it down to fix it

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Same here, keep getting notifications from Skylar saying “Hey” but he is greyed out - getting very frustrating - FIX THE BUG ALREADY!!!

Hi please fix this glitch some are lucky got to finish the conversion with skler and Jaden but me and other are still not working right for all of us this is not a joke lydia some people like me would like to actually have it fixed up so when they say hey we can actually make it to the rest of the conversation before they actually go off line again but there is more to finish with them it’s not far to us and everyone who has seen some finish the conversion we want to have this chance to not keep having this big glitch it’s keeping try to get on but it not allow any of us to be able to please fix it on your end it’s a technical problem that should have been look into already and it should be fix right away

nobody is listening unfortunately!

Why is everyone else get fix to finish skler and Jaden stories as I’m not for some reason it’s making me not want to even play this game any more I was told that people are working on it to fix everything well every one around me has been saying that they got to finish their story and he just keeps saying hey so why I’m I being left out to have my account s fix when I put lots of money in to this game not happy with this at all

Hey everyone, I’m checking with our team! I’ll be sure to try and provide further updates once we get more info.

Thank you for your understanding!

Thanks you sorry I macke sure next time to just have one message :pensive:

So I’m aware that your fix other people account on skler and Jayden so why I’m get an excuse someone keeps saying that he forgot to put his style away it’s not true he has to finish his story line like others got to finish so I’m asking for help in your sophert ok to have mine fix your fix every else’s mine and other need this glitch fix

Hi I was wondering if you could help me out with skler the other one Finlay got finished today and thank you for that but for some reason skler is not letting me countuine to do his video call and finish up so he can effectively go permntley back off line after it done the other one some how fix its self what can be done thank you

Hey Christie_Legresley, I’m sorry to hear that your progress with Skyler has come to a stop. Our team is currently investigating the issue.

We don’t have an ETA right now, but we hope to have this fixed in an upcoming update.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.