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Please fix hold to examine in both battle mode and normal game play mode

So if this feature works(for the most part) in normal game play (not battle mode) why doesn’t this exactly work the way it’s supposed to in battle mode? If I have any skill that can target an enemy, tap and holding on said enemy to examine won’t work but instead forces to use said skill. If i wanted to look at how much hp said target has, I can’t, I’m forced to attack. A fix is to select a movement skill and then examine… but with 10 seconds… arrgh… can we please get a proper fix for this?

During normal game play, positive skills that are selected like healing while trying to examine an ally will instead heal that ally instantly, instead of examining. Just another annoyance with examining.
However examining an enemy while having a valid skill to use on an enemy will indeed examine them and not force that skill on them. This is what should be happening with any skill and any mode.

Please don’t

I’ve never felt any need for it and it would needlessly extend the time of battles

You can roughly see health for Example by looking at their health bar, effects all have icons and you can telll what abilities they have by what they are wearing. Eg cleric shoes that restore are a silver colour etc

Thanks for letting us know, sigma88.