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Please fix my disappearing shield


Every other effect lasts through you killing a dino and a new one coming in. But shields disappear damn near every time.

My Miragaia throws a shielding strike, the opponent fights back, and my shield stays up until it’s the beginning of my next turn. Works great.

But then my next shielding strike kills the other guy, and my shield disappears. His new guy comes in, faster than me, and hits my unshielded butt because his dying dino took it with him. For the love of all that is holy, please fix that.


During battle you must keep a list of bugs , glitches , odd move traits , your speed stat , your opponent speed stat , your next three moves , your opponent next three possible moves , and the square root of pi to the 39 decimal point.

I find the following anagram helps… F.Y.G.L.N.



Hey @LordDamax, I’m sorry to hear that your Miragaia’s shield is expiring earlier than it should. Reach out to our team at, including your support key in the email, so that they can take a closer look at your account. Thanks!