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Please fix on both of my accounts

Hi so I’m hoping to get this sorted out ASAP and fix on both of my accounts as I have paid the gems for it witch is not cheap I give you my sophert key for both accounts and both screen shots for both please fix this not looking good for the game

I’m sorry about that, Christie_Legresley. If you haven’t yet, could you please email our team at with your support keys? They will be happy to help. Thank you!

Hi why can’t I get my game to log on my fhrist account linked to my google account since this update not good and I don’t see this kiss emoghie at all how do it work I never had this problem before to get on game linked to my google account please help me get back to my fhrist account it only let me go on my second account but why not my fhrist account

Have you already emailed our team at, Christie_Legresley? They will be more than happy to assist as soon as possible!

Yes I have emailed your team still waiting for them to fix I have my second account fix but I can’t get on the game since update on game with my google account and skler still have it been fix I been trying to get help for a couple of days naw before the game update sorry its been frustrating for me and the money I put in to the game your team has my sophert key and attachment on what is going on and my chat I could not finish with skler I don’t even know if it’s fix I can’t log in on my main account threw goggle please help me get back on and get skler chat fix too and I never got any new emoghie that you can send them threw update it never showed up on mine at all

So just wanted to let you know myself and many have not been able to get back to the game threw goggle still since the update and I was still waiting for skler to get back to beaing fix too and I don’t know if skler got fix because I can’t get on my main account threw goggle hope that it will be ok soon

Hey there, Christie_Legresley. Regarding the issue with Google sign-in, our team has been notified, and they are currently investigating! If you had already contacted our support team, our team will try and get back to you ASAP.

Regarding the “blow a kiss option”, you can blow a kiss to get a character’s attention after you’re done chatting with them, but only if they’re set to “Away”. Try chatting with one of your favourites and see what happens.

Hi just wondering if anyone has update on how it go on getting back to game threw goggle hope to be able to get back on threw goggle soon thank you

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Some have said that you are going to be doing a complete upgrade for everyone so that we can all get back on to goggle account do you have to close the game to do it like another matince fix or something different to fix it for everyone please let us know when it be done

Hi Christie_Legresley. The team is currently still working hard to have a fix available for this login issue as soon as possible! Thank you so much for your patience.