Please fix or undo the change to crosshairs

I can’t hit the broad side of a barn since the update. I thought I was doing better on vet, but it’s not working. Not looking forward to the 10k direct hits mission :hushed:


have you tried the other options yet?
its in the settings menu under achievements. It’ll cycle through them as you tap on it.
rookie looks like you can get easier direct hits with it, but the cursor moves really slow.

Been playing since launch and never had an issue. I tried classic and vet with no change in the color/ contrast so the lines are really hard to see.

yeah. tried vet. seemed a bit choppy to me.
the current classic is closest to what we had, but isn’t quite there. it’s a bit quicker on the movement.
and that dot on the crosshair is annoying me to no end.


Ludia said there are new options to drones with the update and they said in Classic mode you get the same drone strikes as we are used to prior to the update.

Prior to the update, I actually thought the cross hairs were difficult to see…

… after the update it’s even WORSE. I can barely see the cross hairs at all especially if you place it over a dino.

Please for the LOVE of God Ludia… please change the color of the cross hairs! Make it yellow or white or something we can actually see when it’s over a dino!

It’s hard enough to strike a unique with the old cross hairs… it’s going to be horrific with the new!

I play the game on my phone so it’s really hard to make out… not everyone plays on tablets…


The delay in the starting target point on the dino doesn’t help much at all either.


I already commented in another post… please change the color of the crosshairs for the drone strikes so we can actually see them when it’s over a dino!

The new crosshairs are near impossible to make out when you hover over a dino!

Any light color will do…

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Glad to see that I’m not alone. My eyes are not so good, so I was thinking it was only me… Yep, the new crosshair is pretty bad.

Seems like since the new update it has been just a little bit harder for me to hit creatures

Yes, love the VET setting, but cannot see the cross hairs at all.

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I’m getting used to the vet setting and night darting seems easier.

The new crosshairs are very difficult to see. When it is sunny out, they are impossible to see. The amount of dna I get when darting has gone down significantly because of the new crosshairs. Can we get an option to choose our crosshairs?

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I suggested a lighter color and make it universal…

Yeah I’m getting pathetic scores on the event dinosaurs. It’s sunny where I live and I can’t see the dot even in the shade. By the time I find it I could have fired a dart and gotten halfway on the next one.

I can barely see the cross hairs. Can you make them a couple pixels wider? This is horrible.
This might seem fine in these still pictures but when your darting a moving object, you can barely see them.
Screenshot_20200123-142632 Screenshot_20200123-142641


I’ve noticed my aim is a bit sloppier due to the crosshairs being almost invisible as I move the drone around. They definitely should do something to make it more noticeable while moving.

I dart better when I take my glasses off :joy:

It’s almost impossible to play this game outside with these new crosshairs. I can’t see them at all. I had to put a mark on my screen just so I can dart things. Unacceptable!

I hope next update will bring the old crosshair back at least on classic mode.