Please Fix Parasaurthops

Hi @Ned

The new Parasaurthops is great, but certain aspects about it are actively confusing for the player. Could you hit up the devs to get these changed?

The first one is relatively minor, but can they just remove the word “tough” from “tough Group cunning strike”?

As you can see, the effects are identical to Group Cunning Impact (besides damage, of course). So why “tough”? What does it even mean about the move? Because it doesn’t seem to mean anything - so why include it? It seems like you’re just adding words to the name for no reason, on what is already a fairly wordy move name.

Next, we come to Fierce Swap In Strike.

Now for some reason, the icon for this move implies that the move applies Ferocity, which it certainly doesn’t. What the move DOES do is act exactly like a fierce strike, but on a swap in. Even the two turns of swap prevention mentioned in the move description are inaccurate: it ACTUALLY applies two turns of lockdown to Parasaurthops, just like any swap in move does. So this IS an actual bug - the move description seems to be wrong (hence why I put this topic in “Bug Reports”).

And while the devs are at it, can they please reclassify Parasaurthops as a Wildcard? It literally has a “cunning”, a “fierce” and a “resilient” move. If that doesn’t make a dino a Wildcard, I don’t know what does. Why is Dodocevia a Wildcard, but this thing isn’t?


I will forward this to our team. Thanks, Mudkipz! :slight_smile:


So the swap in is the exact same as megisto’s except the description is just made more confusing?

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It also cleanses Vulnerability (in the event that a Dracorex swaps in at the same time and is faster I guess), but other than that yeah it’s exactly the same.

So now we have moves with different names doing the EXACT same thing
Then we have moves on atleast 2 creatures that are implied to be the same but actually have minor but NOTICABLE differences like fearless alert and revenge shattering rampage

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At least they’re not exactly the same, because of the vulnerability cleanse. But you also have Alert Swap In Stun and Stunning Alert being exactly the same, so your point stands.

Those other moves are a HUGE problem though. All moves that share a name should function exactly the same, every time. Either Coelhaasts Fearless Alert needs to enter threatened state sooner, or Argenteryx’s needs to enter threatened later. And Enteloceros needs to have it’s Revenge Shattering Rampage’s cooldown reduced or at the bare minimum gain a Taunting effect (so then it’s at LEAST consistent with Taunt Shattering Rampage).

Ive noticed the bugged moves are ones with dual functions like revenge and alert
I think the programmers at this point are just as lost as we are with all the fancy naming
Personally think they need to go back to making things simple with the mechanics since a lot of new moves whether they have alert/revenge mechanics feel like the og cautious strike

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It’s really the quality control team that needs work. New stuff like this gets in every update, but we’re all still able to spot these errors instantly. It can’t be that hard to spend an hour or two going through and catching this stuff. And then it often goes unfixed anyway.

This update actually felt very quick to come to both stores compared to previous ones so its not surprising there will be problems but even if it isnt another playerbase lockout i didnt expect it to be this noticably sloppy

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