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Please fix scents


Since 1.6, any dino that spawns from a scent disappears when you get more than about 40 meters from it. This makes it nearly impossible to use scents properly while in a vehicle and creates uneccessary turn arounds to get spawns that disappeared on your first pass. Not only is this dangerous for those who hunt like this, but its a major pain in the backside.

Is this a glitch or is there some insane reason this was decided to be a wise change?


This also applies to unexpected wild spawns as well, (when phone vibrates).


Its because of the lag and the extended loading times on the map that came with the update. These loading times basically steal spawns from you, especially when using scents. It takes so long to load that you can’t dart 2 dinos in 2 minutes anymore either. Eventually you will have to skip certain dinos that spawn from a scent or the spawns will overlap and you will miss an entire double spawn. It’s ridiculous and i can’t believe Ludia hasn’t even acknowledged the lag problems since the update.


You hit the nail on the head @TheMaxx.


I also noticed this for some time. Very frustrating and not good to backtrack.


well, ludia would say don’t play while driving, but :man_shrugging:

just watch the timer and pull over when you first start the scent, and every 2 minutes after that so you are stopped when the spawns appear. i usually run scents in residential areas so you always have a safe place to stop and dart.

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This is the only ar game Ive played that doesnt have some kind of speed limit. So its always something that could happen at some point down the road. That said this is why I dont use scents in vehicles… i save my scents for when Im on foot. Or pull over every 2 minutes…


I never use a scent from a vehicle so the problem is not so obvious. Anyway, walking sometimes I get stressed. Every two minutes two creatures appear and hunting them with VIP requires a minimum of 40 seconds for each of them. You must be still not only because of the risk of them disappearing, but also because it is very dangerous to walk while watching a screen. Therefore, when you finish hunting the second dino you have between 30 and 40 seconds to go fast or the next turn there will be only one dinosaur. If you find an obstacle, a traffic light or you just can not walk fast enough, you will have lost a creature. I think this should be reviewed.

Anyway now it is less important since the incubators of 6 hours have stopped giving aromas of 20 minutes or claws and only very very very occasionally give a 5 minute aroma. Possibly this change has been the worst of this version although I can understand it for commercial reasons.


They managed to ignore the “increased coins” event giving less coins than without the event to non-VIPs for the whole month the event was going on.

Sadly, it looks like simply ignoring all problems that can’t be fixed with the push of a button (and also some that can) has become the company policy lately.

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Thats what i do when i can but i dont live in a very populated area so there usually arent places to pull over, especially in winter with all the snow. I would still be okay with spawns disappearing but G dangit they need to last a little longer. With all the lag since 1.6, theres no time to identify what spawns, click on it, and then click LAUNCH before they disappear. They should disappear at more like 100m instead


The loading time on my phone is slow when darting but the exiting time is sooooo long I put my phone down and forget the game is going waiting for it to go back to the map.


Epic scents still dont work for me.
They could use a fix.


I agree the lag time is horrible. A 5 minute scent you can loose loading the dart an again after catch an again returning back to field of play. That a a lot of lag time plus time to get your next catch you loose 2 minutes

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