Please fix Sino & Triceratops run animation

Hey Ludia, if you could revert Sinoceratops & Triceratops run animations back to how they were pre-patch 1.5, that would be greeeeat. K thanks. They’re an absolute pain to dart at now.


What are they doing different?

They buck like horses, dashing forward a little bit every 2 seconds or so

i havent noticed the change. ive been getting the same darting numbers as before the update. ill have to pay attention today when darting.

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Galloping strides now.

Change doesn’t so much bother me, but it’s modifications that hamper gameplay experience that ruins it for the playerbase. Before I could average 228-254 on Sino, nowadays I’m averaging 166-182. That’s almost 2 Sino power ups a difference! A lot of valuable DNA being inhibited because of a crazy new sporadic animation. And Triceratops is not much more enjoyable

I completely agree, my average darting on Sino has dropped by around 60-70 after the update. I’m sure in time I will be able to adapt to their new patterns but I just don’t see a need for this change especially when instead of spending their valuable time designing and implementing these new animations, they could have been fixing the dinos getting stuck in strike towers bug.

these two items represent two different groups within the development of the software.