Please fix skill description and icons


There have been a couple of big updates in the past few weeks, but the descriptions for many skills are still wrong (wrong cooldown, missing delay for instant invincibility, rampage icon for an actual impact skill, etc)
And in most recent update, all critical impact becomes counter-attack…
So many errors! Please put in some efforts and fix them.

Bugged abilities (4 listed)
Decelerating Impact Cooldown Longer than Listed
Decelerating Impact Cooldown Longer than Listed

funny thing is that the impacts actually have the correct icon because they are rampages. they simply linked the wrong ability name/description. there are 2 versions of distracting impact. one has red distracting icon, thats actual distracting impact. the other has the silver pounce icon and thats distracting rampage. i have a post specifically about this i made earlier.

Speed tiebreakers broken

Hey Syg, thanks for reporting this. If you have any screenshots, send them over to our support team with more detail of the issue so they can investigate this further. They can be reached here at Make sure to include your support key in your email as well.


Decelerating impact lists 1 turn CD instead of 4 turn CD.


Instant invincibility doesn’t list its 1 turn delay.
Long protection doesnt list its 1 turn delay either.


There are 2 different distracting impact skills, both say 1.5x damage but silver does 2x and red does 1.5x. The silver abilities should be distracting rampage




Please see Gulgoth’s reply.


Even though the Cooldown is listed to be 1 turn, when I use decelerating impact it has a Cooldown of 3. This is a massive difference that needs to be corrected, Thanks.