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Please fix Smilonemys

Bug Description: Any armour bypassing moves do NOT work on Smilonemys. Please fix it.

Area is was found in: Campaign level 72

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen:

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Hey there, @cainshiro, this issue should have been fixed a few hours ago! You might need to force-close and then re-open the application in order to see the changes, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if it persists!

Thor’s Shattering Rampage can’t bypass its armour and makes 1x damage instead of 2x.

Hey @John, I think you may want to take another look at Diorajasaur’s armor-piercing counter as well. On level 72, I’m only getting half damage on the counter, not 1x.


Well it wasn’t fixed. My Thor should have registered a 7300 damage with its Shattering Rampage with crit but it only did 3600+ damage. Looks like it didn’t bypass Smilonemy’s 50% armor. Either that or my Thor is holding back its punches, doing 1X damage when it should be 2X.

Is it possible that Smilonemys used its “Precise Pounce” attack, applying a 50% damage debuff on your dinos?


Hey @John, you’re probably right, I didn’t realize it was a precise pounce and not a precise rampage (since they share the same icon). Shouldn’t all the pounce icons have the three red slashes and a down arrow on them, similar to what distraction looks like?