Please fix spinning wheel

I really don’t like the game spins our prize wheel and generates by itself because it sometimes gives you the worst prizess. I wish we could spin by ourselves and stop whenever we want.


The spin wheel is purely a visual aesthetic more or less. The prizes work more like say a random card out of a pack much like the prize drop rewards.

The other option would be just to give you a random card reward and remove the “spin” to eliminate any confusions some players have about it actually being a legit spin wheel.

off topic but on topic I noticed a few weeks ago they “fixed” the mods prizes to not give you missions complete until after the “spin” is finished which used to be just about the best evidence that there was no “spin” and the prizes are pre determined before you ever touch the wheel.

I got the pack notification yesterday…


What they need to do is fix the wheel so it doesnt crash the game everytime it spins, battles and even placing decorations is fine with me but my game seems to not like the wheel much


Really? Interesting, I haven’t had it for a while, at least I don’t think so and like I said I don’t get it until after the “spin” is finished. I figured they fixed this, I’ll have to pay closer attention from now on

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My game hates trades and it crashes all the time. On the plus side though when it happens and say I run out of something that there are still trades for they won’t disappear and I can restock to get the trade if I desire.