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Please fix stealth - yes it is broken

2 Bugs with stealth:

  1. when one of your team is dominated they will attack your stealthed characters even when other (un stealthed) characters on your team are available

  2. It’s is absurd that if I have Eg only my basic ready that has a 2 zone range I can’t hit Eg cleric stealthed at 2 zones because there is some one behind him at 3 zones.

There are no other targets within range “no available targets” other than the stealthed character

I and obviously everyone else have Lost numerous battles because of this

Note it’s not valid to say that this is how it is meant to function as melee characters can hit stealthed characters that are at 1 tile if someone else is behind them at 2 tiles (a precisely analogous situation)

I have had that same issue

Actually there is a second way in which it is broken -

If one of your team members is dominated (in arena or challenges) they will attack your own stealthed party members even though their are other viable targets

The dominated target also don’t follow the taunt rules.

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I don’t see a problem with the way stealth works. If the stealthed person is two zones away and an un-stealthed person is 3 zones away with no one 1 zone away and you have an attack with a range of 2, you could hit the target three zones away, if you moved. Your example is not directly analogous as the melee character could never hit the un-stealthed person in the second row, because there is a stealthed person in the first row blocking movement.

It’s annoying, yes, but games work the way they are designed, not the way you think they should. If you and many others are losing battles because of this “bug,” then stealth provides a benefit that is helping people win. If stealth didn’t help people win, nobody would use it. It may be a frustrating exploit, but find ways to work around it, and of course, find ways to use stealth to your own advantage.

Well the way most of the stealth spells are worded is something like “may not be attacked if other units are available.” If at that point a stealthed person is 2 away and in theory could be hit but the only other person on the enemies team is three away and you can not reach 3 away, that person is not available, so the stealthed one should be able to be hit.

It does not say if that person would be available after making another action first. In this game your availability of action has to do with the current situation, not what the situation might or might not be be after another turn.

I don’t mind the domination thing. The way I look at it as that dominating makes them hate and wish to attack their team members. It shouldn’t make them forget where their team members are, which you would think they would know.

As MKb has said it is directly analogous because it’s based on the current action.

In any case my wizard for example cannot move then attack nor even get an attack proc by moving within a turn (that is there is no alternative target within the same turn).

It Would be a stretch to say that another unit is available for Eg my warlock with 2 zoned attack who could get an attack by way of her boots when moving.

Would also add that it still has its uses - can use it to advance into melee range when you have another there that isn’t taunting, can use it to avoid direct ranged attacks, dominate etc.

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If you can hide from enemies right in front of you with stealth you can presumably hide from your own team members

Particularly if you go into stealth after they r dominated

Yeah that’s one that could be argued back and forth each way. I like to think that there is some innate ability to know where your team is, that’s how when you do spells that are beneficial to more than one team member it hits them all or when you cast an attack spell that hits multiple zones it doesn’t hit your allies. Just because someone puts hate for your teammates in your brain in doesn’t mean you lose all of the previous knowledge and abilities.

However I wouldn’t be upset if it did work to where you somehow lost the ability to know or sense or whatever where you team was.

Well, Jarlaxie is stealth king, this should be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

So if my shevarith has a 2 range staff and 1x enemy is 2 zones away stealthed, and 1x enemy is 3 zones away unstealthed, I can’t target the 2 zone away enemy?
Then how come when my stealthed halbenet moves up one zone from initial starting position, then a spider from 2 zones away from halbenet can shoot its spider web at me? The same goes for spear brutes.

Explain? Let me guess, someone’s going to give me the bullcrap “monsters don’t follow rules” ruling.