PLEASE. Fix the Chief Pack bug

I am used to just ignoring it because it used to only happen once a week. But now, it’s almost every day.

I am limited to ONE chief pack in one day. When we are supposed to get TWO. This is just beyond frustrating because those chief packs are literally the only decent brawl packs aside from the very rare gold ones.

Three days in a row I only received one chief pack. Idk if it’s another ploy to get me to spend but it’s actually doing the opposite for me.

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Uh… I’m pretty sure you’ve never been “supposed” to get two per day.

I’ve noticed if you didn’t get one yesterday, it often carries over so that you can get two per day, but that’s not the same. If you’ve been getting close to 10+ per week, I’d say you are either very lucky or figured out a way to cheat the system. (Not saying you did so intentionally, just that you’ve been getting lucky.)

I have been playing since November last year and have collected two every 24 hours since.

This limitation to one pack just started happening after the big update.

Hey dracarys, I’m sorry about this! Our team is currently looking into it.

Agree with Robocat. I thought only one was supposed to be, but I was getting two of them everyday, except when I was going for it close to midnight, in that case there would only appear one. Try not to rush and tell us if it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. Two every 24 hours regardless of time. I have a job so I don’t get those two packs consistently on schedyle. I never miss these packs since I started playing cuz I enjoyed Brawl. The one-per-day thing only started recently.

Thank you, Ned. So far it hasn’t happened yet. I also received one pack in the mail after reporting it.

It seems to happen when you open a pack before playing for the chief packs. That is my observation.