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PLEASE fix the damage glitch

I’m so fed up of this glitch - I use a distraction move, their attack goes down. They swap out. They return the dino in later, but the attack remains the same as when it was distracted. Not noticing (because I’m trying to remember how much HP the swappers have left among other things), I use the wrong move and bam, I lose.

This glitch has been going on for ages now, much like other glitches. It surely can’t be that hard to fix.


i,m confused…they are distracted and when they bring the dino back they are still distracted…how is that your problem? give you the advantage doesnt it

Because it’s a visual glitch - the dino itself still uses the full attack power, but it shows up as half damage on the stats.


Its just a visual glitch on the attack, so for example:
I have an cunning out vs an opponents fierce, I distract it 2 turns and they attack back, and so the opponent then switches out the currently distracted fierce for another creature, and then after the battle continues and u face that old fierce again, it still has the distraction effect on its attack stat. So that doesn’t mean it is distracted at the moment, and its because of that I’ve lost so many matches, because I didn’t know the creatures true attack and that can be crucial during some matches

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oh ok i get it like the shield glitch which is amssive pain in the ass in raids :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s crazy that they haven’t fixed this yet.
It’s been happening since the launch of 2.0

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Ludia HQ:

  • “Hey guys, there’s a report that old bugs have not been fixed yet, what should we do about them?”

  • “Add more features and more dinos (and more bugs)”

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