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Please fix the game!

Ever since the last update, we’ve had several players in our clan community quit. This is concerning me. I’ve also thought about quitting many times. We’ve also had many people unsubscribe from the Flight Club because they aren’t happy with the game. I’d like things to get fixed so that we don’t keep losing people and that I’m happy playing the game again (and don’t quit myself).

Here are the major reasons why:

  1. Too many bugs. You didn’t even fix the ones that were in game prior to this update. Now there’s even more bugs. Why push a new update without fixing all the bugs from the previous update? I know you should be aware of them because I know that at least me and my fellow clan members keep reporting them. Also there were announced bug fixes in this last update that didn’t appear to happen.

  2. You don’t seem to listen/take us seriously when we report bugs. Your customer support system is terrible. They don’t seem to really listen to our concerns and just throw us energy to keep us quiet. But then they also say “if this problem occurs again, don’t expect compensation.” Issue is the problems do occur again and we have no idea if you guys are working on fixing them. Or we get a new problem and then we get accused of spamming (and get threatened with a ban) if we keep bringing up our issues, so your customer support department is basically encouraging us to not report bugs. Also, if we report the bugs on the bug report section of the forum, we often don’t get a response letting us know what you’re going to do about it.

  3. The alphas are not fun. You broke them. It was explained how they work, but many times they don’t seem to work properly. I’ve cleared all the ballistas on Shellfire for it to then explode like I didn’t clear them. I’ve had vines on Foreverwing explode on me even though I had a valid move to clear hem. Supposedly clearing all the ballistas, ice walls etc. will give us crazy damage, but it seems like sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. I used to have a good idea how much damage I’d do after an alpha fight and now it just feels like rolling dice. Occasionally I’ll get crazy damage and other times terrible damage and I don’t know why. Also the high end alphas need to have more health. We have clans in our multi-clan community that are bringing down 10s in 2 hours. The clan I’m in has it a little better, but now we’re doing 10s when we used to do 9s and the 10 dies faster than our 9s died. You’d think that’d be good, but that means people are missing out on getting keys because they can’t even use 6 of their energy. In the clans that are just decimating the alpha, some people don’t get to hit it at all as they’re sleeping or busy during the 2 hours that it’s up. Either increase high end alpha health or maybe make a few more alpha levels (maybe go up to 15* alphas?).

Anyway, I felt the need to let you know that people are leaving your game and that there’s several people that I know of that are considering it…including myself. I used to enjoy this game. I think it has a lot of potential. It’s based on a franchise I love. I’d like to keep playing it, but I don’t now how long I can put up with a game with this many problems. Please fix the bugs. Also better communication to the player base about how you guys are going to fix things and a timeline would be greatly appreciated. Right now the only response seems to be “we’ll look into it” and that’s not good enough.


Having spent one developer’s monthly salary together with my wife we are also quite frustrated and before the last update I was close to stop playing the game and become more active in my former favourite one. However it improved a bit, some bugs disappeared, some new ones appeared. We also had a lot of frustrated members and some already quit where we don’t know why and one is starting getting a lot more inactive and he told us it’s because of the bugs and that you need a lot of money to progress. At least we don’t have the 10s Alpha Problem :slight_smile:

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