Please fix the HP bar


It’s impossible to tell if you are going to actually kill a dino because when you hold your attack, the opposing dino’s HP bar only drops by your attack power. It doesn’t take into account shield, armor, damage reduction, damage increase, etc. We can’t really be expected to calculate that on our own. Especially since we don’t know the order of which all of these are applied.

When you hold your attack and the game says the other dino is going to die, it should die.


It does take armor and other things into account. When you strike something armored, it says “Armor” and the damage, unless you’re using something armor-piercing, in which case, “Armor” won’t appear.


im talking about when you hold your attack and the opposing dino’s HP bar drops to show how much damage you are going to do it. it absolutely doesn’t take armor into account. after you attack it says armor, yes, but that’s not what im referring to.


Works for me on anything other than shields but that only affects when youre shield breaking them in which case youre probably already gonna hit them like a tank (i also pretty much memorize how much dmg i do anyways)


Hmm, my version is taking everything into account … buffs, shields, Armor … even Cloak x2 …

So if it says he’ll die, he’ll actually die.


I’ve played 405 battles and I just NOW realized you could hold the button to tell if the dino would die… I’ve have just been guessing. You learn something new :anguished:


I think this is Ludia’s way of making some quick maths be a part of the strategy. I’m becoming decently good at this though. My worst mistakes are when I’m calculating the opponent’s hit on me and I don’t take into account their counter attack😭


It used to not take into account…debuffs I think? But it seems to work fine now. However, if you’re going second and the other dino shields or heals, obviously it won’t take that into account.


Yeah he wasnt dead and had to hit him again :sweat_smile::joy:
Possibly due to my game glitching and not being able to select attacks so had to cancel out of game and come back in and by that time he hit me hard lol but still hit him to 0 and then had to hit again :joy:


I think this can happen when you’re out of sync with the server. Possibly your client didn’t receive info that he dodged, calculated and showed hp as if you hit.


Works for me. Takes everything into account!


Yup, before the update it didn’t take shields, buffs or debuffs into consideration but now it does. The only thing it doesn’t take into consideration is defense shattering attacks, you are going to break the shield before you attack but it still shows half of the damage, but it’s a minor problem, just think you will hit double. It would also be useful to be able to check how much your counter-attack will hurt but again, it’s not important. Health bar is working perfectly for me!