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Please fix the lag


There is so much lag in the game since the update that it’s almost unplayable at times. I can suffer through it but it’s making the game less enjoyable by the minute. Something needs to be done about it ASAP. Map loading is horrendous. Battles lag so bad that you can’t tell if a critical hit happens until you see the damage it did. The animations lag behind the attacks. I’m trying to be patient but it’s terrible. I don’t know if they made it so my phone isn’t as compatible as before but I really am not interested in buying a new phone just to cater to an update. I’ll just suffer through the lag until I decide it’s not worth the hassle anymore. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Same here. The battle animation lags are obnoxious, as is the horrendous loading time when you come out of darting now.


The lag is severe during DNA harvesting. One instance, it locks up and cannot move the reticule or fire darts. The lag is even worse in battle arena where it literally causes an auto kill of my dinosaurs without any attack, which rewards the battle to the opponent even if I am beating them 2 to 1. I have been robbed of DNA because of the lag


Having the same issue. Lag is making the game near unplayable.
I’m on a Moto Z2 Play, its an older-ish phone but I had no issues before the update. Now, its so bad.
A friend of mine plays on the new iPhone X and even he is having lag issues.


Yeah the new patch brought tons of lags an animation issues… we need an optnization patch much sooner then 1.7.

I have a galaxy s8 so my device isnt ancient by any means.


I had it lock up on me earlier today too while darting an epic. Luckily it was just Seco and I’m almost maxed out on that DNA. Otherwise i would’ve been really mad. Still very disappointing though.

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First and foremost…for many of us this app isnt free. If you choose to go the FTP route good on you. But for those of us that put money into it to stay competitive, we have every right to complain about horrible gameplay thats slowing us down.

Secondly, even those who are FTP have every right to complain when the game goes from smooth to laggy and buggy overnight due to an update. Sorry that you are so content with keeping things below average. Or perhaps, congrats? I guess?


Did you even read my post? No one’s crying. I even said “please” in my title. If you enjoy bogged down gameplay, have at it. I don’t though.


I have the same phone! The lag is horrible… never a problem before.


I laugh when one of my dinosaurs have been defeated, but it looks like she didn’t get her cue to fall down on time. Like, “Oh yeah.” :laughing::skull_and_crossbones::crazy_face:


Lag is so bad for me that in Arena and friendly battles I can’t even pick my first dinosaur and sometimes not even my first attack.

In strike towers I often have to wait over a minute before I can pick my first dinosaur butcher least there isn’t a real person on the other end thinking I’m timewasting.


The loading times are absolutely terrible, and make life a lot more difficult with scents. Previously I could stand and dart both dinos and still move far enough away afterwards to get two new dinos spawn. Now I have to move while darting the second dino, otherwise I won’t get far enough away and only one dino will spawn. And as for the last 2-dino spawn on a 5-minute scent - it’s almost impossible to dart both now unless you start on the first pretty much immediately. I’ve had a few times where I get stuck in the loading screen for the second dino because there was only about 2 seconds left when clicked on the launch button (I assume because the game is now looking for a dino that is no longer there).


Same problems as many people here, the bugs are everywhere since update. A good thing : the problem of seing requests from the people of my early alliance disappeared… but I gained other problems with the scrolling on the alliance page, it is often impossible to post a message and there is such lag on the friend list page XD ! So yes, experiencing the issues related all along this page !


Then complain my friend. Keep complaining act like it’s a big deal and not just a mild form of entertainment. Maybe even cry ?