Please fix the leave button out of a challenge

If you log into the game and you have an unfinished challenge you get the option of leave or continue on the main screen. Pressing leave aborts the challenge and you lose out on the xp and dice you have already earned. I can’t see why it should be this way since continuing the challenge and then immediately after leaving gives you both the xp and the dice. Please either fix the button or remove it completely.

Good point happened to me more then once

It happened to me today

It’s there because sometimes dungeons fail to load and you have no choice but to quit out of the dungeon. Rarely happens now but used to happen A LOT back 5 months ago.

The big fail question is WHY can’t we get any rewards from quitting on this screen rather than going through an extra loading screen just to quit the dungeon that way. The best dev answer i got 5 months ago: “We can’t give you any rewards if you quit that way”. Yep, they don’t even explain it, you just don’t get anything.

Even if this is the case you could still make the button different so you don’t mix it with the button in the challenge, or place a warning to confirm leaving with no reward.