Please fix the rng and matchmaking

This game has so much potential but I still hate it at times. I find myself rage quitting every 20 minutes from rng and ridiculous matchmaking. I’m so sick of seeing hyper boosted Thors, Magnas, Phos, Dios, erlidoms, Dracoceratops, Trykos, Quetzs.
The rng is atrocious to fight against. My opponent ALWAYS gets the Crit they need. I never do. They ALWAYS dodge. I never do. I usually love the skill tournaments but honestly the RNG ruins them for me! And the arena is even worse, because if you do the dbis, which I rarely do for the coming reasons, you’ll 100% encounter each of the hyper boosted dinos I mentioned above. I delete this game at least once a week, leave a bad review and then redownload it a few hours later. I am currently about three hundred trophies below my high score.
I want to love this game. But it’s nearly impossible. You guys have been on a good run since you fired half of the inept team for Update 2.0. Update 2.3 was the first misstep since then, and it was a very bad misstep. Dinos that you already nerfed are decreased in viability like Pterovexus and other dinos that didn’t need a nerf got one, like Smilonemys.
Please, please reduce the rng in this game. Every. Single. End game creature has an element of rng, and if you don’t, your opponent does. It’s so frustrating.

This game is not about skill. It’s about who can buy the most boosts and have the highest crit chance.

Mods please delete this and log me out like you did at the beginning of November for some vague reason. I dare you. I am fed up.

They need to find a way to punish droppers. I guess it’s hard to identify but if they can monitor trophy count and see who’s dropping that would be nice

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yes Ludia should take action against Dropper and not block my Account. with what reason?

Again. Any negative critism of the game and the mods get rid of the comment. Absolutely typical. Can’t take any critism.

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