Please Fix the tournaments

I have been depressed with this for soo long and this is pretty much final drop. Coin tournament now too became soooo hard that its impossible to even get to top 5000. I have been switching team for days now nothing works as soon as i win to a point where is stopped i will drop like 4 more times and keep claiming up to fall again later on. I mean i agree there should be balance and all but when you see your opponent swapping out to other dino(such as stegoceratops) and get stun all the time its soo depressing and when you do same its pretty much 80% that you won’t get any stun on him :confused: Some ppl show that they have like over 1k cups and all and some times i see videos of thier opponents like legit if i would have opponents like that i would be in top 1000 even in no time. But all i get is even if there are lvl 26 creatures i get opponent what has for every dino a counter even at begining when i choose Indo for example he will choose some one that removes the cloak and do like 2 big hits straight away. I have a swap team he will choose croc and pretty much stop me from doing any thing. He with out any buff gets crit, me with buff dont get it and like that EVERY SINGLE tournament since like sevral weeks now. Earllyer at least till monday i could of get till 900 cups now i berlly claim up to 800 even that is takeing me 3 days. I start to really lose interes in tournys and pvp’s since for me now tourny became like pvp 2.0 i don’t enjoy it :frowning: I don’t say that i should win all the time just make match ups that you can win at least some times not like lose 6 times in a row then claim up slowlly till you get winning back to that 800 cups and then fall again God knows how many times… I really dont like to brag much but this made me more hate tournys now since each tourny now have this problem. Like few mounths ago it was all right. Now its hell what going on there.