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Please fix the trophy system (again)

We’re at the dawn of a new tournament and Ludia still has no communication on the trophy system which doesn’t work.

I highlight below a striking example:

My opponent beats me with Erliko, Thylo and T-Rex all level 30 and all boosted. Besides, he’s playing well so he gets a well-deserved win, but that’s not the point.

My team has no level 30 and no boosts.

His ranking is much higher than mine so how can it logically take me the maximum of points ? I would be very happy if someone at Ludia would be able to answer this simple question and admit my mistake.

I have a lot of other similar cases, the goal is not to spam with screenshots to focus on the problem but I will be happy to do so if your support asks for it. By the way, I am saddened by the attitude of the support team who took great care not to answer my repeated questions on this subject.

This is not for lack of having alerted on this subject and since the first days of 2019, I invite you to read these eloquent posts and their lack of concrete answer.

As for the work of the developers, it is not complicated to :
1- explain to us the mathematical formula behind a team’s famous strike power
2- find out that this formula does not work and rework it
3- If you don’t know how to make it work, go to the simple “trophy only” formula.

But I suppose it’s better to let this problem rot and continue to feed the misunderstanding and frustration that it causes to the players?

Thank you for taking this request with the seriousness it demands.


Completely agree.

If this were a skill tournament and IF team strength was calculated in a rational manner, you could conceive of a scenario where you lose to a much weaker (lower number of trophies) opponent and therefore lose the full 40. (Team strength being equal)

But here is a shining example that cannot be ignored; that scenarios where the team with BOTH the higher leveled dinos AND more boosts applied is winning full trophies. The only way that should be possible is if you were ranked much higher than them in the standings when you battled. Clearly, you showed this was not the case.

I do understand that Ludia is probably not going to divulge the formula, as people could then build teams to manipulate that formula, however, they should clearly be able to plug in two sets of teams into the trophy calculation routine and double check the results. Clearly this has not been done and each and every tournament proves that the formula being used is broken, and honestly it’s why I don’t both putting too much time or effort into them. Having to win two matches just to make back the trophies for one loss is a lot more time than I have to put into it. I haven’t a team like Kat’s where I can just ROLF stomp pretty much everyone to get those cups back, I know in my quest for those two wins, I’ll probably lose another, putting me even farther behind.

Once I get to the top 100/250 (whatever my limited expectation goal is) I just stop. It’s a bit more motivating now that highest trophy count stays, but as soon as I get 3-5 losses in quick secession, I know it’s over.


It is what it is. Its been like that ever since, and I dont see it changing, esp. if it doesn’t really benefit Ludia. Just a little while ago, I got matched with a 5k HP, 1800 Damage, 150 speed indo gen 2. Wish I got a snap, but I didnt. At this point I just didnt care. In comparison my team has one lvl 20 boosted utahsino, lvl 20 boosted attack monostego, a couple other lvl 20s and lvl 16s. To be honest, I used to value this game way before the boosts, atleast then nobody would be punished for having creative teams. Right now all we can hope is that Ludia fixes both the matchmaking in the Arena and tournament, and have a fully non-boosted version of the arena. But as one would say, you cant have it all, or in this case, you can have nothing at all…

I would have to disagree. @Ned or someone could bring this back to the team and say hey, look at all these examples that don’t seem to fit the expected results, and the system could be reworked. It wasn’t even that long ago that the changes were introduced to even attempt to factor in team strength. It’s not like this is how it’s always been. Just cuz it’s broke don’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed.

Umm… Practicekat is a “she”. Please don’t assume genders. Also I disagree for matchmaking in advantage tourneys, it’s called a advantage tourney for a reason. Can’t beat something? Level it up!

I just fought a guy who had a level 30 Indorap gen 2 with 158 speed! My fastest creature is 132 and highest creature level is 23.

Seriously, what’s the point in these tournaments??? Just cap the level and remove boosts for Christ Sake! These people can fight each other throughout the week in the Arena, tournaments NEED to be unbiased and not Pay2Win

Okay, I apologize to her, but since I couldn’t guess, I was referring to the player, so “he”.

On the other hand, there is no complaint from me about this defeat, on the contrary, she has a great team and she deserved to win. This fight just serves me as an illustration.

I’m not questioning the principle of tournament advantage either. I’m simply criticizing the points formula.

I’m just saying that since both her ranking and her team are superior, she shouldn’t earn the maximum points.


I am so not bad word sick of this not bad word too. 1st match get dummied by someone with 4 level 30 boosted dinos and lose 40 not bad word trophies. The highest on my team was a 27 unboosted. Absolute not bad word not bad word. Its not bad word impossible to get anywhere when ur not running those on ur team. Not bad word this!!!

I agree 100%v with you.

The fact is that they’re top 100, lost 40 points to someone in top 20. That shouldn’t happen.

It happens at all levels, if you’re beat by someone higher than you, the medals lost is almost always high for some stupid reason. Yet if you win against them, you win 20-25 or some stupid low number

I never said anything about trophy system, but I agree, if your rank 1 and you beat someone rank 10000 you should only gain 20 cups and vice versa you should get 40 cups, Ludia needs to fix the trophy system, extremely insulting nowadays.


I think it got worse… Now every win in the bottom is +20. I NEVER get anything past +20. (Used to usually be +25-30) (now only +20 EVERY match) And now if you fight the same person again and lose both times, you lose MORE trophies the 2nd time!

Complete nonsense…

It would still be really nice if someone would ever deign to answer. It’s nice to make announcements in the form of a lure to say you’re working on other stuff but we know it’s going to be full of bugs anyway, please start by fixing what doesn’t work actually.

That is awful. I feel very bad for you. You started the match before it ended. In anything else like hockey for example it would have counted. In hockey, if you shoot the puck before the buzzer and it goes in after the end, it still counts. I mean if you would have been in top 100 instead of 250; that is a huge difference in the amount of rewards. Ludia’s tourneys are getting worse. People should have an option for either advantage or skill.

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Please someone explain me something. Every time I lose a battle from someone with higher score than me, 40 points are removing from me. And every time I lose from someone with lower score 20 points. I think the opposite should have happened. It’s unfair like this. Look at the screenshots below. Every time I lost from Bottsa 40 points removed from me. He is 4th and I am 15th. I am not complaining for the defeat, only for the scoring system

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I lost to you when you were a good 50 places above me in the top 100 and lost 40; the wins/losses make no sense whatsoever. GG!

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We have been asking about this scoring system since it was introduced.

After months now we still haven’t had one, so I don’t hold out much hope getting one now.

How could anyone justify such a ludicrous system anyway?

I don’t understand why they leave this system so broken for so long. It’s ridiculous.

I stopped battling after my 10 kills. -40 for losses and +20 for wins. If they want players to get engaged in the game they need to fix these negative aspects. Why continue if the odds are stacked against you?

Yeah I agree. Advantage tournaments can be annoying as is (matching up lvl 20 versus lvl 30) BUT the plus/minus is so bonkers.

Today; 4 losses ; each -40
4 wins; +20, +20, +25, +26
Total= -69

All four losses were against teams with level 30s with large amounts of boosts.
All four wins were against a mix of level 24-30 dinos, usually with maybe one or two dinos with boosts (similar to my team dynamic)

Please fix your algorithms!