Please fix this, Tournaments are annoying

When ever i use my bad dinosaurs I verse extremely over powered teams, like level 40 vip creatures or high level legendary hybrids, but when i use my good dinosaurs, (like ragastega and indominous) I end up versing really bad teams with like super rares or even just rares. This is extremely annoying and I kindly ask that this can be changed


I disagree, the tournaments are balanced. Each league within a tournament requires a certain level or rarity of dinos. For example, Hatchling and Prey are best used with lvl 40 Commons, Survivor league is best used with lvl 40 Rares (or the equivalent among other rarities). Hunter league is lvl 40 Super Rares or dinos of similar ferocity.

Predator League is where things get dicey. Until the mid of Pred, lvl 40 Legendaries are ok, but around the mid-top of Pred more powerful dinos are necessary. I find it best that lvl 40 Tournament dinos are best (and equally ferocious dinos).

Dominator is when you need to use anything north of a lvl 40 Tournament dino.

If you are finding yourself facing easy opponents, then your roster isn’t wide enough at a low and mid power level. I suggest having 1-2 copies of all base rarities to account for this.

Likewise if your getting stomped on by enemies much stronger than you, then the tournament is telling you that you need a stronger roster at a top end. That’s how you know if your top roster helped you reach the highest potential league within a tournament, as the game will start throwing you with unfair matchups.

If you aren’t finishing in Dom to collect the tournament prize then just keep working on your roster and eventually you’ll be able to finish into Dom. The difficulty of Tournaments is fine and does not need to be adjusted.


Tournament fights are seem to be based on two main factors: the Average Ferocity Score (AFS) of your team and your current rank in the tournament. Every rank (or range of ranks) has an appropriate AFS that the Game is looking for. If your team has an AFS too high, you are punished by going up against an extremely weak team and not receiving very many trophies as a reward. On the other hand, if your AFS is too low, the game punishes you with an extremely difficult match. Trying to find that sweet pot to maximize rewards while receiving winnable matches takes experience and trial and error. You can review many of the tournament threads and get some ideas. Also @Sionsith has posted several YouTube videos discussing tournament strategy. Here are some potentially helpful topics to explore

When it comes to selecting teams as a newer player you will most likely need to use teams with three strong creatures, especially in the higher leagues. In that case I strongly suggest using the cross-class method. The first and third creatures are of the same class and have the advantage over whatever class has the advantage over your second creature. Second is strong against whatever is strong against creatures 1 and 3. So, you would use Pterosaur-Carnivore-Pterosaur as an example. Some people are apprehensive about using amphibians and herbivores in this manner, but I say go for it.


I certainly have a lot of successful Herbivore- Amphi- Herb teams, where the 1st Herb is a tank and the 2 is a Cannon. I have fewer Amphi - Herb- Amphi, but Nundagosaurus works well as a team header for this formation.