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Please fix this

I have stopped spending money on your micro-transaction game the more I spend the less I get I have lost DNA and cash from boxes tournaments will not let me choose my attacks and have lost over 1000 trophies because of this issues I went from arena 5 to arena 2 and falling even further behind and before your company says it’s my phone my entire clan is going through the same issues so either it is s serious bug in the game or it is set up to spend more money

I’m sorry to hear that, Wally_Olivieri. If you’re having an issue with your abilities not activating in battle, restarting your game should fix this.
However, please rest assured that our team is always working towards improving the game, and we hope that these type of issues will get reduced in future updates.

would be helpful if change “new content” team to “bug fix” team… and release an update FULL of fixes, to calm down all community and pass the message that player experience is important.

we can wait a little more for new content, if we play a game that works with already have.


Im new to this game, still i find it a bit Strange… im only at 2 stage (tier 2)of battle, battle match making seems weird. Often i have to fight player who have more Level 12 Epics, most of my dinos are rare or common, with level at 9! So to meet a team pure of Level 12 epic are just a waste of game for bouth people. Every 3 match, i then meet a player with 4 common level 1? Also waste of time, are the match making totalt corupted in this game or?
Seems very weird to me…
A ballanced match making system, where fight are more even, would make the game more Fun to play.