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Please fix turn order cheat

It’s possible for the opposition to get 4 turns in a row despite no negative effects on your party.

because of the way the turn order is set up when the numbers r unequal, you can kill off 3 of their team and have 4 of your team left and they can kill the one with the most TM, kill the one with the next most TM, then the next, then the final team member. That is they have 4 turns in a row while you just twiddle your thumbs.

Same thing can of course occur when you have 3 vs 1 or 2 vs 1.

The turn should transfer to one of your players not go back to them. This should be fixed as a priority

More generally the turn order needs to be looked at. I can see why you get more turns once the numbers r against you, otherwise initiative might determine all the matches - a quick kill and its 4 vs 3 with them having More numbers and turns. But it simply doesn’t work as Is. so many times I and others on the forum have had resounding victories only to be “beaten” in utter ripoffs. Just now fir example I killed 3 of theirs had 4 vs their wizards, who then managed to kill my whole team across by the refresh of abilities from so many turns

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Recently, I’ve only noticed this effect when the character dies from injury. When that happens, the character actually has a turn… but just immediately dies, and the next turn by the other team takes place.

Are you characters being killed outright from attack damage or from the injury damage effect?

That brings up a second issue… according to the status notes, INJURY damage is supposed to take place at the end of the turn… not the beginning.

You are right I was typing about how injury happens at beginning of the turn, because I thought I read that once, so I thought I would check and everywhere I saw it does say injury happens at the end of the turn.

I wasn’t sure. You see… you mentioned ‘despite having no negative effects on your team’ when you clearly do.

I mean… I’m not very smart when it comes to these things, so it would have made it a lot clearer to me, at least, if you’d just mentioned that you think the injury status is misapplied instead of saying it was some form of ‘cheating.’ Because, honestly, my limited intellect doesn’t see the ‘cheat’ in it.

Lol of course there’s not injury - I wouldn’t call it a cheat if there was

(Although you seem to have raised another legitimate issue).

It’s probably better called gaming the system than a cheat but it sux regardless.

All 4 characters on fairly low health, no negative effects including injury, their wizard got 4 turns in a row by killing the person who’s turn it would have been next then killing the next one who’s turn it would have been etc

hmm… the post I thought I was replying to before isn’t the post that is here. So, I obviously flaked or something. So sorry.

I have seen my guy who was suppose to be next get passed over when someone on my team was killed but I haven’t had it go back to the other team before. I hope it doesn’t ever happen to me. I believe it could be bad programming but I don’t know about the word cheat. Cheating is an intentional thing done to get an edge. If you and I were battling why would the program, or the programmers, care which of us won?

I suppose it would be cheating if someone worked out how to cause that bug on demand and take advantage of it. I’m pretty sure that would be against ToC, but I doubt that’s the case.

In my other post I said probably better called gaming the system.

I’ve told you in my post how to do it kazoo. It’s not a bug it’s a product of the TM system when characters die.

Either the person knew what they were doing or they just happened to take out my characters in the correct order

It was with a live opponent not a bot.

I was replying to Mkb617, and just spitballing.

I understand your scenario. I’ve had it happen myself when I started playing. I just haven’t seen it in several weeks.