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Please fix wifi and map

There is a huge wifi issue with JWA. I mean, the map is real. For instance, yesterday I could see the lake that I was passing by in the JWA map but there aren’t any dinos spwaning. I would rather be able to catch creatures than see a lake I am passing by. Please fix this! It would be a help.

Hi Colin. For safety reasons, we do not encourage game play in or around masses of water.

Dinosaurs are repelled and Supply Drops are not available in masses of water shown on the in-game map. This is the reason why you do not see any available actions on the mass of water located in your area.

Thanks for understanding.

I was on a road. The lake was a great distance away. I just saw it on the map and looked to the left and it was there. I do understand, thank you. That wasn’t what I was trying to imply though. I was saying that the map could tell whether if there was a building or water but it didn’t spawn any dinos or supply drops. Can you also fix the supply drop issue. Maybe you could put 1 green drop in every 3 or 4 orange.

This makes no sense. I go over bridges that cross lakes that are filled with supply drops, sanctuaries, and dinos.

This shows that if aquatics are added they won’t be spawning around bodies of water apparently.