Please fix your bugs before more releases


Pretty please. I just went through a number of battles… Two was severely mismatched and I thought the battles were suppose to be balanced now. Mind you one of them their profile looked dodgy, very high legendary hybrids for a level 9 F2P… then I had 2 battles drop out during battle and yet another battle where I couldn’t see half my move choices and this one which was balanced but another drop out and no name, I actually won by fluke as my last move before I re-started (for the 3rd time) it must have worked… is this a bot ???

Please please fix your bugs before releasing more… please… love the game but it’s becoming more irritating than fun.


Again I ask what is the point putting my little level 10… avg level 15 dinos into the arena against this ??? Where is the balance !!! What’s the point at all !!!


Yay !!! 2 in a row !!! Might just forget it for tonight.


Your Arena opponents are based around the same number of trophies as yourself. The levels of their dinosaurs isn’t included. I have repeatedly suggested that each level of the arena should be level bracket specific so that you can only use certain levels of dinosaurs. That would balance the Arena out much better and promote players going out to get DNA for the dinosaurs they want at higher Arena levels.


Thanks for the info !!! It’s so ridiculous. Lvl 15 players are going to wash the floor with a lvl 10’s. I haven’t had this problem before. It’s battle after battle continuously. I’m wondering if it’s to do with cheater re-sets or trophy seasonal re-sets…

Current feels…