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Please fix your game Ludia

Sorry for venting, but I am incredibly frustrated with the game right now. It is constantly dropping me out of battles just so I can get back in and watch a video of my dinos being defeated.

Because it shows the other players’ life at 0 so I have absolutely no idea what I am even fighting against if I can get back in. I have lost every single battle and dropped almost 200 trophies this morning, and more than half of the losses were caused by the game dropping me out mid-battle.

Also still getting bad matchups that pit my 21 to 25 team against overboosted lvl 27 to 30 dinos.

The speed indicator is also still broken, often disappearing part way through a battle. This is incredibly important with boosts as you can no longer assume the speed of the other dino.

I still cannot play friendly matches as they error out at least 75% of the time.

Look, I want to be positive, but this is untenable. Maybe you should spend a little less time trying to figure out how to milk your customers for more money and spend some of that time making a stable gameplay experience.


Fun fact: you actually make more money for a running game and not a broken game


This nonsense (literally every day now) is killing PvP for me.

Not to mention we’re back to where we once were with boosts…