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Please fix your tournaments

I made a topic about this (and was ignored) a few months ago, but since it might be considered “necroposting” to bring it back, I’m making this new one…

I had a battle against a friend in this annoying Rares only skill tournament. I lost 38 medals to him. This friend said he was fighting around top 50 (and indeed I saw him there afterwards in the LB). Meanwhile, I was among rank 300. Not only that, but he had a team of higher level creatures than mine.

So, please I’d like someone to explain to me how is it possible that I lose 38 medals to him? Seriously, what is it with your medal system? Does the number of battles played influence it or something? Or is it just something wrong with the programing? If any mod or player could shed some light on this I’d appreciate it.

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I think it is a mix of the difference of trophies and team level.

Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me how its done honestly.

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I think that too, but losses like this one don’t make any sense, cause everything was against me. It’s just not more infuriating than it is cause I’ve probably won more medals than I should against some poor souls who were behind me and weaker too…

Still, it’s very annoying… Just like when you win against a stronger team that is ahead of you in the LB and get less than 30 medals… It’s no news to anyone who plays the tournaments that there’s always been something wrong with their system…

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We’ve all been there.

Was your friends team boosted? What about yours? Boosts probably still have something to do with it.

Side note, if you’re around 300, I’m surprised we havent fought yet. I’ve been steady around 200-220.

I was around 100-150 at one point… Which btw brings me the theory that the system takes a while to update our current rank (just like it happens in the LB sometimes) so it considers us being in a position that we aren’t anymore… And no, none of our creatures is boosted

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Team level is irrelevant afaik.

Person here has a lv24 boosted posto, while nothing on my team is over 20. Had back to back battles with him, feast your eyes.
This nonsense has been repeatedly happening over and over and over again. Hard for me to believe they are done “by mistake”


Also, while we are on the topic of fixing tournaments…

This has happened to me so many times in the last few tournaments. Playing along and all of a sudden buttons disappear.

Anyone else notice how few stuns landed in this tournament?

IKR? I lost 40 medals the other day when I lost to PowerfulRubbish.

So, should I create a new topic every tournament or can I just always use this one?

My good pal there @TeaRekz beat me and won 40 medals. He was 4th… I was 19th

So again, please someone explain this to me…

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