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Please fix

Hi thank you for fix everything else except I have a glitch in it skler is trying to finish up his story with me but he can’t for some reason he been trying to talk to me again to finish up but when I go into the chat he says hey like before can anyone please fix this so I can get back to finish the last bit of his chat

Hey there, Christie_Legresley. I’m sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your convo with Skyler. This is still an issue our team is working behind the scenes on to try and find a fix for.

If you aren’t able to leave the conversation or go back to the main menu, please force close and relaunch your game. Our team is hoping to have this issue fixed soon!

Thank you for your understanding

Thank you hope that they are able to get it fix up soon

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I hope so too. I miss Jaden and I get disappointed that I still can’t talk to him :sob:

Hi just wondering if you have any imfo on when skler will be able to get back to finish are talk or any update on roughly when it be look at

Hi @Christie_Legresley, we don’t currently have any additional information regarding the issue with Skylar & Jaden! :frowning_face:

However, we can assure you that the team is actively looking into it in order to figure out what’s causing it to happen and then both fix it and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Since we’re not sure how long this will take to resolved, we strongly recommend checking out some of the other characters’ stories in the meantime!

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Hi any news on roughly when the rest be fix like skler oh I have bug glitch with sage naw she should be off line but it’s glitch after she told me she be away for awhile so she should be off line naw and poor skler keep trying to talk to me again but can’t :roll_eyes:

Hi just wondering when everything else is going to be fix like skler and Jaden stories to finish and sage still shows as on line but should not be so there’s a bug glitch in that

Hi skler keep trying to finish his story with me but he can’t intill it’s working again you said that you not sure how long it will take to get back to normal again please if you can get it done or update when it get done thank you

I think we’re all waiting for that

Please fix the glitch. Why is it only Jaden/Skylar having issues? Maybe fix the current character issues before releasing new ones…

That would be nice if they did fix skler and Jaden for everyone I been waiting for weeks for skler to be fix up other are waiting for Jayden as well

I want to know why it’s just that specific character/counterpart. I’m starting to get annoyed already

Hi just wondering when everyone is going to be able to get back to to talk to skler or Jayden again and on my second account I’m having a bug glitch with sage and victora sage is sosphed to get off line for awhile she not sosphed to be on still and her counter part Victoria is still setting in the people who like you witch should not be

Have either of you downloaded the latest update? Those problems should be fixed by now I caught up on Skylar two weeks ago

And yes I have it’s not fix for everyone count yourself lucky its something that they are working on to fix

@JDR I just installed the update but it didn’t fix the problem :anger:

I’ve installed the update and rebooted my phone. Still getting the “Hey” messages

I done this as well and still get it hope that they fix it soon so that we can all get back to finish up


What happens now since I installed the update and rebooted my phone but I still have the “Hey”/offline for a while issue?