Please get rid of parks

Please :pray: get rid of having some creatures only available in parks. This would mean going to a real life park and as i play mainly at night this is (1) UNSAFE and (2) UNREALISTIC and VERY INCONVENIENT. Please think :thinking: of players and keep the game strictly in the virtual world. Many thanks.


Go in the day


So you want them to switch the spawn points to be a convenience to your uncommon schedule?

What next? Get rid of day creatures?


You dont use public transport or ride as a passenger in a car during the day? (Or indeed night).
Equally you dont need to go to a park, merely have it (or part of it) within your range.


Or be lucky like me and have your park that’s been a park forever not even a park in the game. Then give ludia the long and lat for whatever reason and it still never becomes a park.


Park spawns are overrated.
What do you have these days? Kentro? Dodo? Doedi? Elephant?
Not too important I suppose. Kentro maybe, I guess you’re gonna have to fip that!


Coel flock thing is there. It’s pretty good.

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Since the game itself encourages walking, and discourages driving, I kind of agree.

For my part, I’m disabled with a broken leg and cannot go anywhere. My friends aren’t about to drive me to a park so I can go dino hunting. LoL

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Daytime is when I am a wage slave

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Update: I found a park that I could get to, but no Diplocaulus, even with a decent capsule.

HOWEVER, there a number of spawns across the street from the park. On a golf course. At a country club. Country clubs do NOT like it when you wander onto the 18th green. Not even for my favorite little dino. But the game thinks the cart tracks are roads, and kept spawning them.

Basically the parks are broken anyway. Better to just get rid of the restriction altogether. For the reasons started by other folks here as well as mine.

Top tourney creature and component for 3 amazing hybrids

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