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Please give DSR back to Indoraptor

My OG Indoraptor has been on my team for probably well over a year, but now that he’s lost his shield breaking ability he’s worse than the pre-2.0 Indominus Rex. IMHO, there was no reason to remove DSR from Indoraptor. Please put it back!


I agree. The loss of that ability has hurt his usefulness.


He definitely needs it back


It’s sad to know every time my Quetzorion will take no damage from an indo. Erlidom is OK since it has a different use, but Indo should be the tank busting speedster.


Yes, give Indo Gen 1 Defense Shattering Rampage back and give it the same amount of resistances as Indominus


Unpopular opinion here, but i’m going to say no to DSR. That however is only based on if its resistances stay the same. There really isn’t any point to being a tank busting speedster if you can be slowed and then killed the next turn before your big damage. Indo does have Evasive stance, but thats a 50/50 gamble. If its current resistances are going to stay the same, then it needs something different than DSR to make it as amazing as it could be.

However, if indo were given speed decrease immunity in exchange for less or even all of its distraction resistance, then it can function as a tank busting speedster and we will still have a way to reduce it’s big damage that doesn’t rely heavily on dodge.


I wouldn’t mind that, especially with cleansing impact. And we already have a speedy tank with cornibus, so a speedy chomper would be nice

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As a cunning creature, it shouldn’t be breaking tanks. APR is enough.

I propose Precise Pounce in place of Cleansing Impact, and Sidestep or the unused Long Dodge for Evasive Stance.


Exactly the same,he shouldn’t have DSR.
1-Give evasion a buff AND MOSTLY EVASIVE STANCE which is useless
2-Rework of resilience:Completly broken ability everywhere.Using distraction or evasion have no sense at the moment
3-He have APR,and it is enough.

You can compare it to magna,magna is way better but the whole magna family need a nerf anyway.(Hi monolometrodon)


What about Magna and Monolomentrodon? What are those if not fast chompers?

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It’s part fierce though. And the DSR was what separated it from the other two.

True. There are so many creatures I begin to lose track sometimes. But this would be a mega buff to Indo to give it decel resistance

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It leans far more toward cunning than fierce. It even has cunning strike to show that. Fierce is clearly a recessive gene for lack of a better word, so reduced fierce capability makes sense.

It was more of an anti-tank speedster (like magna) at first. I really don’t see the deal with it not staying that way.

Because the core game has changed. 2.0 isn’t the same game as 1.14 and prior. There’s classifications and categories now.

Even still it should have some defense shattering, even both its fierce parents had it.I would even mind a shattering strike

Yeah but the whole system is completly wrong.
This game is design to be a rock/paper/scissor

So basically you have 3 big ways to avoid damage:
-Evasion (which is a shame,because it rely on luck)
-Shield + armor

But on end game,you have creatures,which,no matter what will deal their damage!
lets take a look at Ardentis?Immune to almost everything,distracting him won’t save you,dodging?he have resilience,Shield?he have DSR
Lets take another one would you?
Shield?DSR and nullifying
Another one?
Shield?nulliying rampage
Distraction?Totally immune
Dodge?nullifying rampage.

So yeah,even the basics are screwed.
You should have 1 thing to play against a type of dino.
Actually,there is not.

And about indoraptor,he fill no roles actually.
Evasive stance?It is the worst skill…who would use 50% chance to get destroy and deal no damage the same turn while half of the creature have resilience?
Cunning?well,resilience and distraction immunity are everywhere…still useless
Cleanse impact?well,it can cure your slow down…if only you acted last…
APR?It is a nice skill!except against shield of course but the problem is Indo never survive 2 rounds

What is wrong with the Indoraptor moveset it had. Its part TRex and part raptor. It should lose Cleansing Impact for Precise Pounce if you insist it has to be more raptor. DSR is fine for it. It still wun get to use it so it very well could be Definite Rampage.

I don’t mind that those level 24 boosted Indo’s are sweet little bouncing bunnies to my teams of level 20’s and 21’s.

Maybe It could have cloak now, with it’s current kit i think It would be a good way to buff It without having shield breaking moves.