Please give the correct information on the pass upgrade

Please don’t merge it with another thread, since it’s not about:
** If the pass is too expensive (it’s expensive to some but not to others), or**
** If the pass level is reset to level one (no, mine is not reset)**

The pass upgrades only apply to one level of the pass, not the full 35 days of the pass duration. I purchased the premium upgrade, and am asked to buy again for level 2. That’s all I want to say here since the information doesn’t appear anywhere in the game or on the forum. Please don’t hide it under another irrelevant topic so players don’t see it!!!

Update from the conversation below: it seems to be a bug on IOS. Hopefully, Ludia can fix it soon. Thanks for all the information.

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can this be confirmed?!

I purchased the premium, and as you can see, at level 2, it’s locked again. When I click “activate,” it asks me to pay again.

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Working on a confirmation/clarification

I know there was actually a bug where people’s pass was “reset” and they had to purchase again. I purchased the Grand Premium and haven’t had any issues or got reset at all. I’m Android and I think the issues I saw were with iOS users.


Glad to hear that it may not be intentional. Yes, mine is IOS.

they put in a support ticket about it and are waiting to hear back

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Looks like there is a topic about that issue

No. This is a different issue.

I progressed to level 2. It’s just the premium doesn’t work anymore.

I think it could be related though on different levels haha. The ones that I talked to had their entire pass reset as well and then had to purchase again to reactivate it. The other topic seems to be related to the free track but still issues of being reset.

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Different bugs then. It’s obviously a bug when the pass is reset. I didn’t know though if the upgrade stopped working at level 2 was intentional or a bug. Hopefully, they can fix it.

You dont appear to have unlocked the level 2 rewards. I imagine you will be able to collect both once you fill the level 2 bar…

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Not really. As you can see, I collected the reward (Allo) from the “free” side but was not able to collect that 50 Rexy DNA on the left side.

Thats level 1 though? Thought youd said it worked on level one…

Now I think I may be reset to level 1, and then my premium upgrade disappeared, so that is the same issue.

Just realized

Hey @Banarel, you are going to have to write to support with this one for further assistance. Please provide your screenshots and support key. Email: :upside_down_face:

DO YOU know if purchasing a Grand Pass ($40 real) makes it where we don’t have to meet all the Missions for this Pass? I bought it, but it seems i still have to meet my Dailes/Weekly/Month Streak to unlock & ?possibly? @ the end it will give me super extra? I don’t understand exactly WHAT I paid for if i HAVE to keep up the Streak!?