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Please , give to us a better chat

Does anyone here get a lot of block for writing in the chat , words that are usual in the game? Like: “ put the dino in sanctuary” .
It almost impossible to combine anything in the alliance without use others social midia.

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It only blocks some content, in general curse words or URL address for instance on my side.

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Try it out it blocks the word “Snapchat” xD.


But it seems to works differently for people in the same alliance. For example, i tried to post the same phrase than other member and mine was blocked out. That was : “ put that dino in one sanctuary, please!” . Also I have noticed that All my blocked phrases contained the words “ put” , “ sanctuary” or “ do not ‘.

It might be language dependent. I assume your game is in Spanish given your username. I can think of one word they would block starting with put for instance.

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