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Please give us a boost reset

Please give us a boost reset with 2.1
I and I’m sure many have spent their boosts on dinos they no longer want to have in their teams.
I would like the chance to revamp my team once again.
I will need to spend a lot of dollar on coins in order to level up my team and I would rather not/cannot spend more on boosts In order to do so to remain relevant in the field of battle.


Your idea does not sound bad, it benefits and does not alter anyone and personally, it would benefit me, since I added creatures that I NO longer use and creatures that IF I use they are not increased.

Worth it? Yes


You should have waited to see the meta and how dinos would perform.


Valid point but not everyone is as patient as you… it just sucks once you spend those boosts you are pretty much stuck with what you got

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Why do you dislike this idea. I accidentally boosted my indoraptor, so I like it. I’m guessing you have all the dinos you like boosted, and don’t want to do it again.

Yeah why would anyone in the community be against this lol!! Like if some people should like the chance to change things why not?? What do you have to lose? If you are happy just reboost the same dinos. Bunch of snobs I tell ye…

A boost reset would be great ludia of course won’t do it as it won’t benefit them.

I think we should get a 1 or 2 creature reset every patch. With no penalty.


I think there should be boost resets every patch. However, OP just want boost reset because he/she misboosted after the reset.

I am still unboosted so I dont want another reset because some people boosted wrong.


Exactly my thought lol.
We all know it won’t happen ,maybe next year or so

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Because the creature you’ve boosted may be less useful now, but that doesn’t mean it always will be.

Just look at Tuoramoloch and Diloracheirus. They’re two of the best possible dinosaurs to use in raids now, and they can be a lot of trouble to deal with in PvP in a lot of situations.

Before the update, they were practically useless.

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Yeah ,sure but higher level,they are barely a threat.
taking into consideration 2 lvl 30 max boost on every side of course.

You can refund your boosts y’know. I did when some of my Dino’s pre-2.0 no longer fit my team. If you don’t you’ll be waiting a looooong time before Ludia resets them again.


The fact that they do, would not be bad, another similar thread talks about that every 2 months they reestablish themselves to have the opportunity to keep you in the combat sand.
rebooting increases in 2.1 would be a way to correct a path that you regret, since 2.0 made us increase creatures that we thought would be useful in the arena (like my case I increased Monomimus to level 23 and had to change it). If ludia did this it would be an “extra life” on their part, but it doesn’t benefit them to do a reboot.

I can’t speak for Nublar Shore players, but I’m running Diloracheirus in Gyrosphere Depot and it’s honestly proven to be pretty useful for me.

I’d actually like to see them do away with the 50% house take, and as an apology refund every boost that’s ever been lost due to removal.

Of course this won’t happen but a guy can dream lol


I, unfortunately heavily boosted Monomimus with high hopes…and then I realized it was much worse than anticipated.


I just went right away and spent all my boosts on Indy. So worth it. Resilient only nulls and can’t decrease it speed. It still is like a two kill Dino. But I only did that cuz it’s my favorite Dino and can do very well, especially since erlidom never shows up anymore. I found that it is very good without the erlidom and I do g2. It got a small buff and major indirect buff.

Because a good chunk of the community is still unboosted, waiting to see where the meta is going. Trust me, one full month of being pounced over by players who boosted pretty much anything to quickly was painful on us… Imagine now, if they would get a reset back! It’s not like it was the first time they did a reset. Everybody knew that the meta would change, everybody knew Ludia would have to adjust some dino (and still will), so why did anybody rush into it! This is blowing my mind! Worst case, you only had to boost one single dino to make the raids…