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Please give us a way to DELETE dragons!


Greetings Ludia Team,

I play nonstop as long as i have energy then wait 1 hour and play some more. Thank you very much for a GREAT game.

After you progress and level up the dragons it costs a lot of FISH to level up again, this creates the situation of a full roster of 1*-2* dragons and NO FISH. Then I have to use my fish NOT to level the dragons I love and want to play with but level the worst dragons just so i can spend 1500 fish to delete dragons and clear the roster, so i can hatch more eggs and breed more dragons.

I and a Ph.D. in economics and I understand that the increased cost of leveling simply outperformed the rate of fish acquisition to a point of collapse of the system. If the intent was to make the user use runes to buy fish and thus increase the profits of the app, then the idea is correct and working. But if this was just a simple error in creating the economics of the game it can be solved in 1 of 2 ways.

Simple way: create a delete dragon button, the user can delete 1* or 2* dragons of the color he does not want and continue leveling his favorite dragons. Call it releasing dragons into the WILD as opposed to releasing into the academy for exp.

Complicated way: a total overhaul of the fish increase from leveling dragons and creating diminishing increase instead of a linear +50 fish for 1 level. Something like freshly trained dragon is 1500 per level, at level 2 1550 fish (+50) but at level 3 1599 (+49) at level 3 1647 (+48) and so on. I am not sure about the model but the idea is to lower the amount of fish needed. There is of course the over end of a capped fish, my fish was capped almost always until the level 16 and the unlock of Breedery. And now it is always at 0 because I need fish to breed and to level my 3* dragons and to delete dragons (Deleting: 2000fish +scales to train and then 1500 per dragon to delete)

TO ALL PLAYERS PLEASE comment on the post and tell the Development team if you have the same problem. As I understood from the dedicated discord channel all high level players have the same problem and are forced to spend fish to delete dragons instead of leveling the dragon they actually want to level.

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what level do you mean ‘high’?


I’m level 23, almost 24 and haven’t hit the fish wall yet. I had some difficulty when I purchased a 10 draft. Whenever I get low on fish, I skip breeding for a few hours and it builds back up.

I have a much tougher time getting enough coins, but based on forum, I seem to be in the minority in this.

I do believe the economy needs some tuning.

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@H3CTOR I’am currently lvl 22. A great guide was written by Wirxaw on the forum Gameplay Guide the section “How to Train Your Dragons” subsection “Leveling Dragons\Dragon Disposal” outlines the problem I am talking about and some tips to combat it.

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@Talisax Your solution of stopping breeding won’t work for me or any other f2p player, currently at lvl 22 I am still using four 3* dragons and a 2* green dragon, no luck breeding a 3* green dragon. The ONLY f2p way to get higher star dragons is through breeding (there is hatch 3* dragon at lvl 8 hatchery and hatch a 3*-4* at lvl 15 hatchery, lvl 6 hatchery just unlocked for me at lvl 22, lvl 8 probably 30+) so in order to progress I HAVE to breed dragons nonstop to get 3* dragons, at lvl 23 I will upgrade breedery to lvl 3 to be able to breed 4* dragons.

You say you bought a 10 draft, you probably got some 4*-5* dragons then you might not have to breed in order to progress.

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I’m lvl 23 and the last time running out of fish was like on lvl 10. Just spent 35k to train my Torch to lvl 30, and i still have 38k. Breeding in progress right now, but i only breed 3-4 dragons a day, so that might be a reason

i would recommend you to collect some runes and buy dragons from the first class of Draft (i mean the top one). i got 2 4* dragons and some 3*s aswell.

I currently have 5 dragons above 600 power(2 of them 4*), and another 4 waiting for me to train them. So i thing you’re doing something wrong to have only 4 3*-s, while i have more than 10


Same here, building require more money i can produce, i still have the fishery and treasury on lvl 3, cz i spend my money on training dragons.
Right now i try to collect 80k gold to upgrade my hatchery to lvl 3, and have 4 dragons on lvl 30 waiting for training


If I hadn’t bought the 10 pack, I would have never been low on fish. I am mainly f2p with only using tapjoy.
W/o 10 pack I would likely have nothing left to level xcept the blue 3* hybrid as breeding just gave me a dupe of him. With nothing to level I would have more than enough fish to breed.

Like I said above, I seem to be having a different experience than most, not sure why that is