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Please give us a way to see EXACT number of runes!


Greetings Ludia Team,

I ran into a problem when it is impossible to understand if the tapjoy offer gave me runes. Most of the tapjoy offers give less than 100 runes and the resources all add the (K) after 1000 and stop showing exact numbers. In the case of gold we can simply tap on the gold icon and see for example: 46969/80000 but for runes that part is empty.

Please add the ability to see the exact number of runes somewhere!


One possible remedy for the time being is if you have dragons breeding, then you’d see the exact amount of times you have when you attempt to accelerate the breeding.


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Just go on draft page and try to use 4k draft. It’ll tell how much you need just minus it from 4k thats your runes. It’ll work until you have less than 4k runes.

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Very good point, I’ll forward this to our Developers!