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Please give us bots!

This morning I needed to fill up with 3 battle incubators. I had to play 14 games for this! Yes, that’s a 11-3 win-to-loose ratio. 12 out of 14 players had a somewhat higher or a much higher trophies count. And many of them the same kind of dinos except 1-4 levels higher. Well, I fought a couple of level 21 Indoraptors as well with my level 16-18 team of dinos… What they are doing in the Lockdown arena is a mystery to me.

Unfortunately, this happens a lot. And although I like the game, that is when the matchmaking system is balanced (!), I am getting tired of playing games that is impossible to win.

Please give us bots to play against if your servers can’t find equal opponents. Although that’s less fun than playing against real players, it is a far better experience than having to face invincible opponents.


Do you remember the old bots?
Level 30 T-Rex in Sorna marshes?!?
Level 25 indoraptors and epics in SS Arcadia and Badlands?!
Please dont bring it back!

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Tbh I think bots are still in the game.
You dont gain or lose trophies from them.

Well, most games are able to have bots that you can actually play against. But, I agree I do not want the old bots back.

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I don’t think so. At least I never played against one for a very long time.

I noticed that there were bots until hitting the 2000 trophies mark.
Below 2000 trophies, if you have consecutively lost 2 matched, there will be a bot for you to stop losing and regain some trophies. But after 2000 trophies, there isn’t anymore.

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