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Please give us event exclusive creatures more often

On August 2019 I made my Geminititan (level 21). Today it’s still on level 24, and I FIP Diplo every single day at least once. Meanwhile, during this time I’ve created Indo2 and Dio months later (November) and already brought both to level 26, close to 27. Others on my team that were 26 or 27 today are 29. And I have a Maxima close to 24 without making much effort hunting and FIP’ing. Certainly not even close to the effort I’ve been making for Gemini…

So, it would be nice to see more Diplo and other exclusive creatures. The grind is just too much compared to the components of other hybrids that aren’t so different in usefulness. And I feel like the more creatures we have added to the game, the less we see specific exclusives on events.


Yes! I was just feeling the same. I’m 30 away from Gemini and have been fiping since A he was at 50 dna. It’s so painfully slow and disheartening knowing every time I get a 10 it’s another 3+ days to get another shot


Completly agree with you
But you know this is a strategy from ludia?
First reduce the event only creature
Second:increase their power up
Thirst:Reduce the ammount of green spawn

Next time you will see a diplodocus in 1.12 will be in the store i bet

These day,you will notice:

  • We get only crap epic hybrid nobody want the week end. (or else spino /darwin which give not meta relevant hybrids)
    -We get bads epic friday incubator with still crap epic hybrids
    -We got an superb increase of event only creatures (lets count them…allosaurus gen2,nasuto,mammoth,megaloceros and for sure titanoboas will be in the party)

Sad but true…

I’m create Gemini only yesterday. 2 exclusive ingridients (arena and event) is tough challenge -_-
Maybe it’s time to create all (inclusive) exclusives event weeks =D


I’d be happy with at least one of the exclusives every week


With all the creatures added it’s almost impossible to grind them now. Besides there are about 10 creatures that don’t have (and probably will never have) any useful hybrids and are on them selves only useful in the lowest 2 arenas. They should just get rid of them all together

It would be great if exclusives were featured in more events.

However, given the current rate of event spawn drops, this is largely a moot point. The drops are simply too diffuse at the moment for players to target a certain event dino.

What I would like to see is a superhybrid for some of the benched ones we have for a long long time now… Anky, Alanky, Dimo, Majunda, even Procerat (which is not benched for many, but anyways…)

And yes, the lack of green drops is also an additional problem… Although I could see a little more of them around me this weekend

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Ludia added 2 more Mammotherium and Entelmoth. I would rather there be a few more superhybrids that could use Meglocelos or.Enteldon. Entelmoth should be a Unique and be Mammotherium added to Entelodon

I wouldnt say too much about the event only dinos until the new spawn nests guide is out. If Ludia is smart they will make parks have a lot more species and create 2 to 3 more places to hide dinos. Urban, Industrial and Commercial locales. Event only dinos should be reduced as should incubator only. Or rotate everything.

I havent even made Gemini on my MAIN. :expressionless: