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Please give us solo raids!

Looking at the new update, the raid feature looks interesting, but it also worries me. I like the idea of them a lot, but I think the devs made a massive oversight. Basically, it looks like it will require players to be in a large, powerful, and active alliance in order to get all the creatures in the game. I’m in an alliance currently, but I’m worried it won’t be enough.

What if you wanted to do raids by yourself? You can just not invite people, but then the level caps on creatures ensures that no one creature can win a raid by itself. So then you have to rely on your friends and alliance to do the raid with you. But then you have to have a) a large enough/active enough alliance to have someone else active and willing to do a raid at that moment and b) enough players of a high enough level to actually contribute to the raid (particularly important for the stronger raid bosses). I can say that for my alliance at least, this rarely happens. And if you don’t have these, you’re out of luck. And what about players with no friends or alliance? Are the raid exclusives just inaccessible to them? I doubt that was the intention. Even public raids don’t fix this. Like it or not, JWA isn’t as popular as pokemon go, so you just won’t find anyone to play with in most places.

Luckily, there seems to be an easy fix for this. Just let players choose to do raids by themselves, using a team of their own creatures. It could be interesting come up with different strategies using different creature roles (similar to traditional rpgs), and would be easier to coordinate than battling remotely (which is a great feature, I’ll give them that). Since many of the creatures seem to be geared towards team battles now anyway (looking at you Thor, with 2x defense shattering impact in solo battles; why???), why not embrace this for the single-player experience too? Not replacing traditional battles, but giving players who would rather play by themselves/only have that option to get some of the “co-op” experience.

I’ll have to see how raids work out in practice before passing my final judgment, but these are my thoughts. Hopefully Ludia creates a fun and balanced experience for ALL players.

Edit: It looks like there won’t be any raid-exclusive creatures besides the Apex ones, so that’s good that we don’t have to rely on raids as the only source of DNA for some epics. But knowing Ludias track record with exclusivity, I wouldn’t be surprised if this became more of a thing in the future. It seems like you only get the raid bosses DNA once, which is also good because it prevents you from farming the bosses for DNA. However, it also looks like you can’t even challenge raids with fewer than four players (unlike Pokemon Go, where you can challenge raid bosses with any number of players, though you’re more likely to be successful with more players). I’ve already expressed concern that many players won’t have that many active/capable alliance members and friends online at any given time, so I’m not sure how accessible raids will actually be for the majority of the player base.


Does it possible to solo?

I don’t doubt the intention was to make certain things inaccessible to solo players.

Nearly every AR game is supposed to make players work with other players.

It is -Never- “fair” for someone who plays alone to have the same access to things as a person who has to tolerate other player’s annoyances and drama.

I totally understand trying to encourage players to do the co op. I do think that it’s a good idea that can introduce a lot of depth to the game. But the difference is that other AR games don’t cap out your creature. Like in pokemon go, a high level player can make their pokemon strong enough to do raids on their own. Co op is encouraged as a way of making it easier, and it makes sense to have the hardest raids require co op in order to win. I’m just worried that the player base isn’t big enough for a lot of players to actually find players to play with at any given time. Like I said before, a lot of this depends on how raids are actually implemented (can you do them by yourself, and how high is the level cap). I have no issues with having to find a team to beat the apex creatures, but if I have to find a team of people every time I want some sinoceratops DNA, then I have an issue with the system.

I can agree for the lower rarity tiers (basically below Apex) being able to be challenged solo. possibly removing the level cap to do so or just allowing it to be higher so it’s still a challenge. Or keep it but let you use your own 4 dinos. Apex creatures i feel should be gained via cooperation with other players (basically the same as PoGo’s 5 star raids)


Imo they are already doing better than Niantic with Pogo, letting us raid free with alliance members and friends

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Exactly. Good luck trying to get players in pokemon go to help you with 1-2 star raids, but luckily those are doable on your own. Apex should definitely require co op. I just hope that the epic raids at least are doable by yourself, or maybe with the aid of another player. That said, being able to farm an epic spawn for an entire day might be a bit op… We’ll just have to see everything in action I guess.


Yeah the free raids are nice. They did do a lot of things right (free unlimited raids, remote raids, etc.). I just think that certain key epic dinos shouldn’t require a team of four active players in order to beat, but it is a tough balance.

Maybe as some sort of event trial, or campaign training at least? Commanding multiple dinos at once sounds like a lot of fun to me, whether you call it a raid or not! Maybe even some new form of strike event?


Yeah,some people don’t join Alliance and don’t have friends.
Even then how hard is it to pick 4 moves at once?
But i see this getting abused because some people didn’t want to lose by their teammates mistake and remove the whole idea of team work in co-op.
Besides how do you communicate with them?

I’m worried about that too. My alliance isn’t very active, and we’re international, so I’m lucky if I have 2-3 players online at the same time as I am. I don’t have anywhere near enough friends to always have a bunch active when I am.


There already are solo raids, they are strike towers, if your low level do them then get in an alliance and get good for the good raids. If theres a solo raid non strike tower it would be a rare or epic.

I do agree that the higher level raids should probably require co op. That said, I’m worried that simply having such a small player base or simply lacking an active alliance will prevent most players (regardless of their own level or activity) from even doing raids in the first place, so having some solo raids as an option would at least guarantee the ability to do some raids. Besides, I just think having a game mode where you have to manage multiple creatures at the same time would be a lot of fun!


Come to think of it, it would be fun to have more team battle options outside of raids, especially with so many creatures (and even entire families of creatures, like Hadrosaurs) being oriented around team battles now. Might as well make them used outside of raid battles. There could be a pvp team battles arena, either 4v4 with random players, or 1v1 with each person using a team of 4.


A high level player can only do up to 3 levels raids. Beginners can do level 1 and 2… But the top/best pokemons raids (level 4 and 5) always needed many players, and those are the want you look for… But yep, I would not be surprised to see Ludia give access, in the future, to some small dino/raids for those who play alone… It’s new, so we will see

That would be a nice change. Your alliance not wanting to follow your awesome strat? Use four of your own creatures, test out strats, win raids, practice different options. Even if they don’t give rewards it will atleast be fun.


Lol many of my views have changed a lot since then, as we’ve learned more about raids. But it would still be really cool to try to coordinate a battle using four of your own dinos.

I didnt notice how old it was lol, I was just scrolling and looking for something interesting

Lol you must have scrolled pretty far back! :joy: This is almost a necro-post!

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Very far, i bet I was scrolling for 10 minutes

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